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Craft Night: Screenprinting Class

Today I’m so excited to share the photos from our screenprinting last week. We had over 120 people come through our studio on Saturday and Sunday, there was so much energy and we had so much fun! At the beginning of each class, I shared some of my favorite ways to use Bing search for crafting. Then, my friend Andy Kane from Sparka Screenprinting taught everyone how to make and use a screenprinter. Then we had 6 screenprinters ready to go and everyone printed like crazy. We provided everyone with a T-Shirt (thanks American Apparel!) and tote bag to print on. People also brought the most creative things to try (baby onesies, clutches, aprons) in the screenprinter. I have to give special thanks to Merrilee Liddiard & Erin Jang for their beautiful designs and thanks to my friend Rebecca Wright for putting it all together!

Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!

Our food came from Green Heart Foods – my new favorite restaurant near our studio. They have the best salads and snacks! They also have really yummy cookies that I couldn’t stop eating all weekend.


Everyone who came got an awesome swag bag from 4 special sponsors. Tattly sent over all kinds of temporary tattoos! They seriously have the most creative designs. (Arrows pictured below.)

Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!

Caldrea provided everyone with the most beautiful bottles of hand soap (that smell SO good.) And MakeshopNYC sent over a bunch of these colorful confetti garlands – perfect for wrapping a gift or hanging as decoration!

Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!

Finally, Plumb Goods provided everyone with sets of 3 little notebooks. They’re designed beautifully – and the perfect size to stash in your purse!

Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!

I had so much fun hosting this event! I’m so excited for the next ones coming up. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and to all of our special sponsors who made that weekend a huge success! If you would like to be on the email list and be the first to hear about our new events, sign up right here!

Screenprinting Craft Event | Oh Happy Day!

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Photos by Ashley Batz for Oh Happy Day

Craft Night: Necklace Class

Last week we held our first Craft Night in our new studio. I was excited to see how it would all work in the new space. I taught the first class on how to make beads from materials found at the hardware store (like hardwoods and brass and copper pipes.) It was a super fun group of people and we had so much fun making necklaces. At the beginning of class we did introductions and I showed everyone my favorite features of Bing. I love the image search so we looked for color inspiration online and then got to work painting our beads. (ps: the travel search is the BEST.)  A huge thank you to all of the sponsors who donated items to our goodie bags! They were awesome (see below.)

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!

We served creme brulee from The Creme Brulee Cart during the event so everyone could snack while they crafted. It was SO good!

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!

Projecteo sent over a bunch of their tiny Instagram projectors for all attendees! These things are super fun to play with – they project images from your Instagram feed onto the wall! They came with a reel of some of my favorite photos. But everyone also got a voucher to order a reel from their own Instagram feed.

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!

Cute Tape supplied everyone with a roll of washi tape and an awesome camera dispenser. They’re the perfect desk accessory!


Chronicle Books sent us these Polaroid Love Notes. All of the images on the cards are so beautiful.  They’re almost too pretty to give away (I might keep them all for myself!)


And Meri Meri (one of my long-term sponsors) gave each attendee their Toot Sweet Aqua Striped Napkins & Plates. I love that these look like circus tents! They’re perfect for any special occasion.


We’d like to say a huge thank you for everyone who attended – and to all of our wonderful sponsors! I’ll be sharing more about our screenprinting event later next week. We’re also hoping to announce more upcoming craft nights soon. So stay tuned!!


This post is sponsored by Bing.

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Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day
Cute Tape & Meri Meri Photos by Ashley Batz for Oh Happy Day

Our New Studio: Inspiration

We have made a lot of progress on our new offices. We had all the walls painted white so we would have a blank canvas to work with. I’m still not sure what to do with the flooring but I think that will be one of the things we take care of a few months from now once we are settled. The utilities are all set up and the wifi will be installed on Friday! I felt like such an adult setting up my own garbage account. I’ve been thinking about the design of the whole thing and I’ve been inspired by bright happy colors and big graphic text. Here are some of the inspiration boards I’m using. The new space has an upstairs and a downstairs. Our offices and crafting space will be on the bottom floor and the event space and photo studio will be on the top.


-I love this brassy Sputink light fixture. I’ll probably try to find a vintage (cheaper) version.
-I’m so excited we’ll have a place for all of our fun office supplies I’ve been collecting. Love these pencils.
-We just picked up these mint green file cabinets from CB2. Maybe it will make the paperwork more fun?
-We use a lot of really fun materials (our crepe paper collection is really impressive) so I’ve been thinking about ways to display that kind of thing out in the open instead of tucking it in a cupboard.
-I’m on the hunt for the perfect coral pink velvet. It is so hard to find! I found one source that was the right color but it was $50/ yard and I need something more affordable. Do you guys have any ideas?
-I want to work on some custom signage around the space with a sign painter. I love Caitlyn Galloway’s work.
-I’ve been crushing hard on a quirky custom neon sign like this one from Kelly Mark. I’m so excited!



Since the upstairs will be dual purpose we need to be able to go from photoshoot to event space quickly I knew we would have some limitations. After thinking about it I thought we needed folding tables and stacking chairs that we could tuck away when we were done with events.

-I keep coming back to this graphic wall from this Australian wedding. So brilliant!
-I need simple stools that stack, love these from Artek.
-There is a major hole in the market for attractive folding tables. These are the only ones I could find that didn’t look like they would be at a yard sale.

Our New Studio

Remember back here where we were looking for a new studio? We found one that I think will work! It is a really cool building in the Mission not far from where we are now. I started calling every listing on Craigslist and then spent two afternoons just walking around looking for real estate signs and asking people if they knew of anything. Everything was either really expensive or the space was awkward. Then luckily Paul happened to be walking by our new building and noticed people were moving out. We were able to get in and call the landlord before it was on the market! YEA!! What I like about the building is we have the whole space. It isn’t huge but it is divided up really nicely so we can use the upstairs for shooting and continue doing our craft nights and classes and then downstairs we’ll use for offices. (It is hard to hold events in the same place you work because you are always having to clean up projects and move things out of the way.) It is amazing to have them be two separate spaces. Another aspect I liked is the space is zoned for retail. I don’t know if I want to open up a full fledged shop anytime soon but I like that it is an option.

It’s a pretty decent blank canvas but these are definitely the before pictures. I really love the staircase and the bathrooms all have really cool tile. Right now we are working out the painting and furniture details. My goal is to get the space up and running and functional and then come through and design it later. It is really scary to sign a lease and make big decisions, but it is a huge relief to have a space we can shoot in and I’m excited to be able to hold more Craft Nights and classes on a regular basis!

New Studio BEFORE

Letterpress Craft Night Recap

Last week we had our letterpress craft night! It was a really great night. We were able to donate all the money from the tickets to our local community preschool. A huge thanks to my friend Rebecca Wright who planned the event. Over 50 people attended and we had a great time eating and learning about letterpress. Also a big thanks to all the brands who donated items for the gift bags! They were really good (see below.)

Letterpress Craft Night Recap | Oh Happy Day!Letterpress Craft Night Recap | Oh Happy Day!

Andrea Pimental was our caterer.  She impressed everyone with homemade oreos and Mexican-inspired salads. Our new Craft Night logos (designed by the amazing Clayton Thompson) were printed on canvas tote bags which held all the sponsored swag.

Coatt sent over a few delicate necklaces with gold dots and dashes that spelled out words and phrases in morse code. Ours came with words like “yeehaw” and “lucky.” And Hello Merch supplied every excited attendee with their own Champ Sweatshirt.

The Succulence, an adorable local succulent supplier that also offers classes and landscaping services, sent over 50+ mini plants for us hand out. We planted them in magnetic pods from Urbio, an awesome Bay Area startup that specializes in modular organization.

Photojojo, who also happens to be our neighbor, made sure everyone received a Tokyo Dreamer camera strap. Made of durable vegan leather, these are strong enough to hold SLRs, DSLR’s and their big ‘ol lenses. Ps: check out their awesome Phoneography 101 class.

Finally, Paper Source donated all the paper and envelopes we used for the letterpress demonstration. Their Luxe paper line notecards are my favorite for letterpressing. And their envelopes are the best (and come in amazing colors.)

Letterpress Craft Night Recap | Oh Happy Day!

We’d like to say a huge thank you for everyone who attended – and to all of our wonderful sponsors! We’re in the process of coordinating more Craft Nights this month. So stay tuned for the announcements!

Photos by Paul Ferney