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Heath Ceramics

I was able to take advantage of the Heath Ceramics sale last weekend. I’d been saving up for new dishes since their last sale 6 months ago. We are spoiled here in the Bay Area because we can go to the Factory Store in Sausalito where they sell their seconds (dishes with small imperfections). I get excited every time I open my cupboards and see the dishes all pretty and organized. If you aren’t familiar with Heath you can read their story here. The next sale is around Thanksgiving.

photos from sonryo and Dwell


I love these for a party or even just on my windowsill. Good job Urban Outfitters.

Flower Oil Paintings

I collect old flower oil paintings. Someday when I have an office all my own they will hang in a gallery wall. In the meantime I can look at this pretty house. (Thanks Melanie.)

Styling Bookcases

I’ve been collecting my favorite little objects and trinkets to style my bookcases. If you do quick ebay searches of “porcelain bust” or “ceramic bust” you can find some cheap and interesting pieces. I also like “vintage ceramic urn” for pretty vases. I’ve also used little pictures, small artwork, birdcages and boxes. What do you use to make your bookcases pretty? Suggestions?

photos from Domino


Some happy wallpaper this Thursday morning. Pretty photos by photographer Elouise, pretty wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler.