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Paris Apartment: The Living Room

Our apartment is starting to come together. (You can see the “before” pictures right here.) I’m trying to keep it pretty sparse without a lot of clutter. Which is great since we don’t really have much stuff. So right now I’m just trying to get good bones into place then I’ll liven it up with artwork, plants, and pillows. I’m going for comfortable with French industrial accents and just cheap old wooden pieces from the Flea Market. I’m also thinking it will need a pair of chairs but I’m hoping to find something at the Flea Market.

We are trying to do things on a budget since we don’t know how long we’ll be here so when I purchase things I’m keeping in mind what I can sell it for so I can then decide if it is worth it to have for the year or year and a half we’ll be here. If we can figure out a way to get these home affordably we may try to do it.

A. Jielde Lamp I’ve got my eye on French Ebay for this. I’ve wanted one for a few years but it is hard to get the vintage (er affordable) ones in the US. New they go for $1500. Here you can get one for 400 Euros. This is something I can have rewired at take home with me. I love French Industrial, its so beautiful.

B. Dark Blue Velvet Hideabed It’s gorgeous and velvet and I want to marry it.

C.Linen Sofette We ordered this a few weeks ago and it is ridiculously comfy. It is a big soft down cushion with pillows on each end.

D. Orange Tree I bring something home from the French flower shops anytime I have arms free to carry it. I’m obsessed with the little orange trees.

E. Tolix Chair More pretty French Industrial. This stuff is great for kids because they are pretty indestructible.

F. Industrial Occasion Tables I bought a great metal side table two weeks ago at the Flea Market. Still looking for something simple with wood though for the coffee table.

What am I missing? I usually love color but I’m trying to just use color in small doses like pieces of art. Do you think it will be too boring?

Thoughts on Books

I had kind of a life changing experience this fall when three things serendipitously happened.

1. We got an ipad and decided to sell our tv. We still watch plenty of shows (I’m not anti tv, I love it) but with the new setup the tv doesn’t get left on and all of a sudden you find yourself watching one of those awful celebrity shows that come on and you are listening to Mario Lopez tell you things you don’t care about.

2. We got a coffee table. Since we’ve had kids we haven’t had a coffee table. We thought it was better to keep the space open for the boys to play. But I changed my mind last fall and picked up an Ikea coffee table to do projects on.

3. We got new books. I had some Amazon credit so I decided to buy some books that were sitting in our online shopping carts so that it wouldn’t expire while we moved to Paris.

We have a pretty great collection of books already but we’ve always kept them on the bookshelf. Something happened when we put the books on the coffee table. They were literally right in front of us all the time. So we started spending a few hours a day reading and then we found ourselves having great discussions and getting really inspired. I’ve never liked the sentiment that one form of art is better than another. So please don’t take away that our minds were suddenly opened when we started reading books instead of watching tv (I think it’s more about editing the content). But I loved that we would sit quietly together in comfy chairs reading and then talking about things we care about, it was good–our lives felt better.

Have you ever gotten rid of your tv? Or do you only watch shows if Mario Lopez is on them?

photo of our coffee table in San Francisco by Aubrey Trinnaman

Removable Wallpaper: The Final Report

A few years ago I put up “removable wallpaper” in my entry way and hallway. It’s also known as “renter’s wallpaper” or “temporary wallpaper.” When I was researching it I was promised it would come right off and you just had to wipe the wall with a damp cloth and you wouldn’t even have to repaint it. A lot of people were interested in this so I thought I would do a follow up post since we removed it before we moved. If you are looking for information about where to get removable wallpaper and where we got ours please refer to this post.

Taking it down was sad just because it was the end of an era. (Plus remembering all that work it was to put it up!) The wallpaper came right off. I pulled it all down in less than ten minutes (a friend called dibs on the used stuff) There were light marks left on the walls from the glue (you can see them in the fourth picture.) so I took a damp sponge to the wall. It did make a slight difference but there were still very clear glue marks left. And the walls definitely needed a new coat of paint to get it back to normal. (Though not as much coverage as if you were covering up a solid color.)

After you’ve read this post, if you still have questions please put them in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer them.

Moses and Roman’s Closet Part III

For the last 3.5 years we lived in a one-bedroom apartment on Nob Hill in San Francisco. We had both of our babies there and we lived happily in our cozy little apartment. While I am a big believer in living in small, edited spaces we probably would have moved out a little sooner if it weren’t for the mountain of medical bills we had last year. Our closet set up worked great but of course I’d rather have a sun drenched nursery. :)

This closet has had a few transformations. First it just had a crib. Then we built a toddler bed (pictures here.) And finally we turned it into a crib and toddler bunk bed.

The crib was basically an Ikea Hack. I bought a crib used off Craigslist and then asked a woodworker friend (Jared Rusten) to help me come up with something. He secured the bed like a large shelf. The front of the crib lifts up and rolls over the top so you can take the baby in and out. We made sure the mattresses fit snugly. Of course there are all kinds of regulations when it comes to babies sleeping situations–so do so at your own risk!

Crib and Toddler Bed Custom made / Striped bedding from Ikea / Crib Quilt was handmade with Japanese fabric from Purl Soho / Light fixture from Alameda Flea Market (but they sell one like here at Target.) It’s Beautiful Here Coat Rack by Heath Nash.

Petit Pan

when Rose & Radish was still in business (RIP) they used to carry products from Petit Pan. I was so happy when I stumbled on their store last week in Montmartre. They make these awesome paper animals that would be so cool for a kids room. (They make other animals too besides sea creatures.) I’m saving my pennies to buy one for the boys’ new room. On a related note I’m so stoked they don’t sleep in a closet anymore.