nesting + home décor


I loooove this nursery for little baby Ava over at Mama Said Shop. She paid attention to every detail when creating it.

Chairs for Sale

Anyone want to buy my cute little frenchie chairs?

Round Crib

I have a friend who really wanted a round crib but didn’t want to spend $900. JCPennys is making a cheap version. {the styling in these photos is blech.}

Cleaning Supplies

My cleaning supplies are getting a little worn down so when we moved I took the opportunity to buy some new ones. My older sister taught me when I was a teenager that if you can help it, everything you buy should be beautiful. So for example, if you need to buy a trash can, you should make sure to buy the most beautiful trash can you can find. I always try to buy things that look classic rather than plastic and contrived. Here are the cleaning supplies I bought: a beautiful italian mop, an industrial silver dustpan, and a classic corn broom {bought at my local Ace Hardware.} Some people might think it is silly that I care what my mop looks like but it really makes me happy anytime I open my hallway closet.

Also, we have to buy a vacuum this week. My sister Sara raves about the Roomba, I’ve also heard good things about the Dyson. Anyone have any good vacuum recommendations? I’ve never bought one before.


This velvet settee is only $400, so I don’t expect much from it in quality. At that price I’d like to recover it in a more interesting fabric.