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I picked up this Dorothy Draper style dresser from Craigslist last week I’m still deciding the perfect place for it. I also got a really great Campaign Chest last month but it smells like musty mothballs. Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell? I’ve tried Febreze and am currently trying charcoal.

Living Room Tour Part 4: Sofa

Here are the final pictures from the living room. Jenny suggested the Schumacher floral pattern for the sofa and she built the color scheme around that fabric. We painted the two bookshelves we already had Benjamin Moore’s Celery Salt. The sofa we got from Crate and Barrel a year or two ago (they no longer make that exact model). And the lamps we bought from Target (they are poor quality and I don’t recommend them.)

There are still a few things I need to do (I’m switching out the white drapes for light blue drapes) and the tv wall is unresolved (I want to get a bigger cabinet and I changed my mind about the art on that wall.) But the room is 90% done so I’m happy with it.

The room is so much cozier now and feels “finished.” Which was my goal all along.

Living Room Tour Part 3: Chairs and Settee

I bought these chairs off Craigslist a year or two ago planning to have them upholstered. The fabric was pretty but worn out and dirty. Jenny suggested we recover them in this little yellow velvet trellis material. I really liked the tiny pattern and velvet is so soft. I had them upholstered by Cortland Upholstery. For the price and the turn around time (less than a week) I was VERY pleased with the job they did. They also picked up and dropped off the chairs. We topped them off with some stripey pillows.

I knew I wanted some other sort of bench seating but I was having a hard time finding something the right size. Jenny suggested this little Nate Berkus Settee (it was sold out but now it is back in stock.) It is just long enough you can kind of curl up on it and I loved the ikat fabric. The ottoman I bought at a flea market a year or two ago was reupholstered in this pretty yellow and white pattern. The art is a print my brother made by Richard Prince (with an interesting back story right here.) The lemon pillow is from Jonathan Adler and we had another made out of some orange velvet.

Tomorrow I’ll post the rest of the pictures.

Living Room Tour Part 2: Home Office

One of the changes we made that has probably made the biggest difference in how we live is moving our home office from a desk to an armoire that we could close up when we weren’t using it. (Jenny’s idea!) To all those city dwellers that don’t have a proper room for an office I highly recommend this set-up. I’m genuinely sad we didn’t figure this out five years ago. Because it is a tall corner unit there is SO MUCH storage and underneath it hides my unsightly behemoth printer. We ended up buying this IKEA armoire used off Craigslist for $100. Then Jenny suggested we paint it Benjamin Moore’s Casco Bay and that we change out the hardware to these pretty brass rings. Painting it was a NIGHTMARE just because it is so huge and there was so much to paint. But we are very happy with how it turned out.

Paul and I both spend a lot of time at the computer and it is so nice to be able to close it up when we entertain or when we want to prevent grubby two-year-old hands from getting into all our stuff.

Living Room Tour Part 1: Toy Area

We live in a one bedroom apartment on Nob Hill in San Francisco with 1.5 kids. The living room is the most used room in the house. It is Moses’ play area, the TV area, it is where we host guests, and it is my home office. That is a lot of use for one room. The key to keeping it organized and clean (most of the time) is for everything to have a place. I put a lot of thought into Moses’ toy area. I was inspired after I read this article about Lisa Mahar, the owner of Kid O. Then I did some research and went through and made a list of all the types of toys and activities that two-year-olds like to do. (I did a big post about it last December right here.) I tried to choose good quality toys that were beautiful and interesting.

Some sources: For toys etc refer to this post here. The plastic bins are from Container Store. The shelf I got off Craigslist and was ugly but I liked the shape. Jenny (my decorator) suggested I paint it Benjamin Moore’s Celery Salt. The little table is from IKEA. And my sister in law Liz told me about the little Bertoia kid chairs. The painting was one I recreated after I saw it in a Kate Spade store a few years ago. Then I put my collection of mini globes on top.

The system has worked out perfectly since I set it up a few months ago. Moses can see his toys and plays with them all the time (instead of being buried in a toy basket like before.) The best part is that it is easy for him to clean up his toys after plays with them, because everything has a place.