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Removable Wallpaper: The Final Report

A few years ago I put up “removable wallpaper” in my entry way and hallway. It’s also known as “renter’s wallpaper” or “temporary wallpaper.” When I was researching it I was promised it would come right off and you just had to wipe the wall with a damp cloth and you wouldn’t even have to repaint it. A lot of people were interested in this so I thought I would do a follow up post since we removed it before we moved. If you are looking for information about where to get removable wallpaper and where we got ours please refer to this post.

Taking it down was sad just because it was the end of an era. (Plus remembering all that work it was to put it up!) The wallpaper came right off. I pulled it all down in less than ten minutes (a friend called dibs on the used stuff) There were light marks left on the walls from the glue (you can see them in the fourth picture.) so I took a damp sponge to the wall. It did make a slight difference but there were still very clear glue marks left. And the walls definitely needed a new coat of paint to get it back to normal. (Though not as much coverage as if you were covering up a solid color.)

After you’ve read this post, if you still have questions please put them in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer them.

Moses and Roman’s Closet Part III

For the last 3.5 years we lived in a one-bedroom apartment on Nob Hill in San Francisco. We had both of our babies there and we lived happily in our cozy little apartment. While I am a big believer in living in small, edited spaces we probably would have moved out a little sooner if it weren’t for the mountain of medical bills we had last year. Our closet set up worked great but of course I’d rather have a sun drenched nursery. :)

This closet has had a few transformations. First it just had a crib. Then we built a toddler bed (pictures here.) And finally we turned it into a crib and toddler bunk bed.

The crib was basically an Ikea Hack. I bought a crib used off Craigslist and then asked a woodworker friend (Jared Rusten) to help me come up with something. He secured the bed like a large shelf. The front of the crib lifts up and rolls over the top so you can take the baby in and out. We made sure the mattresses fit snugly. Of course there are all kinds of regulations when it comes to babies sleeping situations–so do so at your own risk!

Crib and Toddler Bed Custom made / Striped bedding from Ikea / Crib Quilt was handmade with Japanese fabric from Purl Soho / Light fixture from Alameda Flea Market (but they sell one like here at Target.) It’s Beautiful Here Coat Rack by Heath Nash.

Corner of My Bedroom

We’ve been spiffing up the bedroom a little. I got this faux bamboo dresser off Craigslist a while back and painted it a dark grey color (I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but I’ll look it up later.) The artwork is a screenprint of one of Paul’s sketches and the lamp is from Ebay.

Have a happy weekend guys. I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Moses’ Closet Part II

We live in a one bedroom apartment and our 2 year old, Moses, sleeps in a closet off the living room. I haven’t posted pictures of Moses’ closet in a year or two (it used to look like this) so I thought I would share a few. Notes and sources below.

We recently installed a custom toddler bed that Paul built. It was a happy coincidence that a crib mattress is the exact length of the closet. The artwork is a print I blew up from a book called The Architect’s Brother (without getting permission from the photographer). It is one of my favorite artbooks. I highly recommend adding it to your collection if you don’t have it already.

The orange stripe bedding is from Ikea, I had to modify the twin set to fit a toddler bed.

The “It’s beautiful here” coatrack is made by South African artist Heath Nash. I love love love it. (I got it a few years ago from Anthropologie.) The monkeys I bought while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico. The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Celery Salt that we had leftover from painting our bookshelves. (IT isn’t as bright as it appears in these photos.)

The light fixture I bought from the Flea Market a few years ago. Although you can buy a similar one from Amazon right here.

The little red shelf is from Ikea, we painted it red. The artwork is a McSweeney’s cover and the toys pictured are both also from a trip to Mexico. I laughed because I left the room for 1 minute to change a poopy diaper (glamorous, I know) and when I came back this is what my perfectly styled photo had become.

4 month old Roman will soon join his older brother in the closet, we’ve hired a wood worker to build a custom bunk bed crib that will lift open from the front. Anytime I start to feel badly that they sleep in a closet I remember what Kacy said, “Harry Potter also lived in a closet, and he grew up to be a fine young man.”

Wallpaper FAQ’s

I actually get a lot of email about my wallpaper. Here are the answers to FAQ’s about my wallpaper.

1. Where did you get your wallpaper?
I bought the wallpaper from Sherwin Williams. Their site is not user friendly but if you want to look it up the pattern number is #SW8EG5315.

2. Can you really remove it?
Yes, it is “Easy Change” wallpaper. (I call it renter’s wallpaper.) When you move you pull it right off and you only need to go over the wall with a damp cloth, you don’t even need to repaint. We tested a section of it and found this to be true. The bad part is they don’t have a great pattern selection.

3. Was it difficult to put up?
YES! I always joke that Paul and I almost got divorced over it. :) It is definitely a two person job and it got really frustrating and took forever. My husband is a perfectionist and we had to get things lined up just right. If I was going to do it again I might look into having a professional do it. That said, if you like a project and have the time and patience, it is totally doable.

4. Was it expensive?
I can’t remember the exact number of rolls we used but it turned out to be around $600 by the time we finished the entryway and hallway. That is a lot of money for something we are going to have to take down but we knew we would be in this apartment for a while so it was worth it to us.

Here is a picture from two years ago of a bearded man who wants to get divorced. But look how pretty the walls are!