Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Here is a picture of my family from my friend, Rebecca’s wedding. She made a photobooth inspired by Chalotte Mann’s trompe l’oeil style walls. It turned out really cute. This photo was taken by Clay Brown but I have to give a shout out to Angela Smith the photographer who took the photobooth photos at the reception in LA. She saved the day at the last minute and was a dream to work with. If you need an LA based wedding photographer, check her out.

I also write for, here are this week’s posts:

Find out where I got Moses’ suspenders from the photo above.
Paris in a Bag (I love these.)
The cutest hat I’ve ever seen.
I’m in love with this bottle. Confetti!
They took the words right out of my mouth.

Moses’ Closet Part II

We live in a one bedroom apartment and our 2 year old, Moses, sleeps in a closet off the living room. I haven’t posted pictures of Moses’ closet in a year or two (it used to look like this) so I thought I would share a few. Notes and sources below.

We recently installed a custom toddler bed that Paul built. It was a happy coincidence that a crib mattress is the exact length of the closet. The artwork is a print I blew up from a book called The Architect’s Brother (without getting permission from the photographer). It is one of my favorite artbooks. I highly recommend adding it to your collection if you don’t have it already.

The orange stripe bedding is from Ikea, I had to modify the twin set to fit a toddler bed.

The “It’s beautiful here” coatrack is made by South African artist Heath Nash. I love love love it. (I got it a few years ago from Anthropologie.) The monkeys I bought while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico. The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Celery Salt that we had leftover from painting our bookshelves. (IT isn’t as bright as it appears in these photos.)

The light fixture I bought from the Flea Market a few years ago. Although you can buy a similar one from Amazon right here.

The little red shelf is from Ikea, we painted it red. The artwork is a McSweeney’s cover and the toys pictured are both also from a trip to Mexico. I laughed because I left the room for 1 minute to change a poopy diaper (glamorous, I know) and when I came back this is what my perfectly styled photo had become.

4 month old Roman will soon join his older brother in the closet, we’ve hired a wood worker to build a custom bunk bed crib that will lift open from the front. Anytime I start to feel badly that they sleep in a closet I remember what Kacy said, “Harry Potter also lived in a closet, and he grew up to be a fine young man.”


Saturday night we dropped Moses off at my brother’s house for some free babysitting while we worked on our studio (it is looking great BTW pics coming soon.) While we were working I got a photo sent on my phone of a picture of Moses WITH NO HAIR! My brother had buzzed it! He needed a haircut but I just wanted to trim it a little. All those beautiful little curls are gone. I am now figuring out how to exact revenge on my brother–any ideas? (A side note: We’ve never cut his hair before.)

p.s.: I was shocked when I found out but he still looks cute. Yes, I’m still on speaking terms with my brother. :) Happy Birthday Jared.

Merry Merry

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. I am really grateful for this online community and I can’t even count the good people I’ve come in contact with because of this blog. I hope everyone drinks lots of hot cocoa and gets to be with people they love.

Here is a picture of Moses as a Wise Man at a Nativity party we went to the other night.

Moses is 2

Moses is two today. We feel so lucky to get to have him in our life. We are going to spend most of today eating cupcakes and buying balloons.

This weekend we had a little music-themed birthday party for him and his cousin Hank. We held it at our art studio. Because I’m low on energy lately we kept it pretty simple but hired a music teacher to come in and lead a toddler music class. She sang songs and brought in a bunch of different games and things for the kids to do. She was really amazing and the kids were in paradise, they were so happy.