makes me happy


My friend Fergi showed me this program that turns your photos into fakie polaroids. It’s free and awesome. Here are some shots from our recent vacation in Hawaii. I know its cheating and not as cool as the real thing but it is still really fun.

ps: That is me jumping off the cliff. There were sea turtles down below in the water.


Clever little decals from this Etsy shop. {Thanks Liz!}


I want a good city bicycle but those Swedish ones I love are so expensive. Emily posted about this one last week and it is at a much sweeter price point. Hmmmmm. Christmas present?

CameraBag App

My friend Sharon posted about the Camera Bag iphone app that adds effects to your phone pictures. Fun. I took some pictures of Moses’ toys.

Here is the “Helga” effect. {Mimics the Holga.}

Here is the 1974 effect

Lobster and Swan

My dreams are made of the things in these haberdashery kits that Lobster and Swan sells. So so beautiful. {Found through Kelly!}