An Animal Party

by Casey Baudoin

When you want a sweet theme for a child’s birthday party, you can’t go wrong with animals!  So many options.  Some of my favorites are little animals with birthday hats, pinatas, homemade animal masks, and classic animal books as party favors.

An Animal Party | Oh Happy Day!

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Modern Spiderman Party

When it comes to kids parties I want something that looks cute and modern, is easy to put together and that my kids will love. Now that my kids are getting old enough to choose the kind of birthday party they want it usually involves some character or trademarked cartoon. My favorite thing to do is to buy a few carefully chosen store bought pieces and then add a few easy handmade details to make it special. For this Spiderman party, I picked up all the basic supplies (plates, cups, straws, Spiderman costume, balloons) from Target. They have a tons of different themed party stuff!  Then I made a photobooth backdrop by painting a cityscape on white butcher paper. We taped it to the ground and had the kids lie upside down so it looked like they were swinging through the city. I also transformed some red and blue silly string into “spidey spray” with simple hand-painted paper labels. As a fun drink surprise, I froze mini plastic spiders into ice cubes.  Then we built a giant web in our hallway using black yarn. All the kids had to crawl through the web to get into the kitchen for snacks! The whole thing took less then two hours to put together.

Modern Spiderman Party | Oh Happy DayModern Spiderman Party | Oh Happy DayModern Spiderman Party | Oh Happy Day

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Boys’ Room

I’m sharing photos of my sons’ bedroom today! The room didn’t come together right away and it’s taken lots of adjustments to get to where I finally felt it was “finished.” When we bought our first home in San Francisco and moved in last Fall we set up the old bedroom furniture in their new room but a lot of things just didn’t fit right. It has taken almost 6 months to slowly resolve each problem until I was happy with it. When I’m decorating a space I really try to think about how functional everything is, I’ll share that whole process below. Come take a peek!

Children's Room | Oh Happy Day

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DIY Woodland Creature Favors

by Michaela Egger

Make these cute woodland creature pins for your forest themed party. The little ones will love them, and personally I prefer the non-candy kind of favors for kids. You could also send one along with each invitation (just make them really small to fit them into the invitation box) or use these for a paint-them-yourself party activity. I’ve included 4 little templates, but you can always get creative and make your own if you want to add more animals. Don’t get discouraged – they might look difficult to make, but with the templates, they are super-easy and quick to whip up. Not counting the drying time of the clay, it took about 1 hour to make these four pins. (PS – A Woodland Backdrop & Woodland Party Invites.)

DIY Woodland Creature Favors | Oh Happy Day!DIY Woodland Creature Favors | Oh Happy Day!

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A DIY Woodland Backdrop

by Michaela Egger

A woodland creatures party ideally takes place in the forest – somewhere in a sheltered clearing nestled in a charming woodland area. But not everybody is lucky enough to live near such a place. Or if they do, there’s always the chance of rain. So for a plan B, let’s take the party inside! To create that woodland feeling, you can bring in twigs, branches, moss and plants. And you can create this simple forest paper backdrop made with kraft paper and water color. A great DIY even for smaller children. (PS – Woodland party invitations!)

A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day! A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day!

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