Public Bikes Giveaway

PUBLIC Bicycles just released a new line of bikes to help little kids learn how to ride. The new design allows kids to use their natural instincts to balance (without fear of falling.) It would make a great Christmas gift for a 3-5 year old!  And today, one reader will get the chance to win a new PUBLIC Mini.  Read all about the new models here and click through below for your chance to win!

Public Bikes GiveawayPublic Giveaway

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Giant Paper Alphabet Blocks

by Ashley Page Norton 

Paper is definitely my favorite medium! Here is a paper project you can customize in so many ways and you probably already have all the materials. These blocks are great to have on hand for baby showers, birthday parties, holidays, etc. You can use them over and over again, just put useful letters on them and make them in a color palette you love. This pink variety would decorate an adorable second birthday for a little girl!

Giant Paper Alphabet Blocks | Oh Happy Day! Giant Paper Alphabet Blocks | Oh Happy Day! Giant Paper Alphabet Blocks | Oh Happy Day!

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Monster Party

My friend Eunice Moyle of the fabulous letterpress stationery company Hello Lucky showed me a picture of the ticket booth she made for a Monster Halloween Party. My first thought was “What a great theme for a party” and then I asked her to let me take pictures to share. She made the whole thing from cardboard and tempera paints, it is seriously genius! It’s just a reminder that the the best things are usually made from creativity and not expensive materials.

Monster Ticketbooth  Monster TicketboothMonster TicketboothMonster Ticketbooth

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


Dinosaur Party Invitations

by Kathleen Ballos

Have you heard of Dinovember? I love how playful and creative you can get posing toy dinosaurs – I thought it would be a fun excuse to hold a dinosaur party! Make these paper mache dino egg invitations to get the party started. At the party, have your guests take part in a dinosaur posing competition – I’m sure the results will be hilarious!

Dinosaur Party Invitations | Oh Happy Day!Dinosaur Party Invitations | Oh Happy Day!Dinosaur Party Invitations | Oh Happy Day!

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Butterfly Costume

Be a butterfly for Halloween! Here’s a fun costume that anyone could put together. You could also dye the wings with in different colors to get a rainbow effect. (PS – All our Halloween costume ideas right here!)

Butterfly Costume | Oh Happy Day! Butterfly Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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