Invitations are so important! It’s how you tell people how great your party is going to be. Here are some of our favorite invitation inspiration.

Air Brushed Invitations

Abby sent me these airbrushed invitations by Anisa Suthayalai and Alex Lin. Formerly both of Default and now Default and StudioLin. These are so beautiful.

Best of Oh Happy Day: Lemonhead Invitations

I made these invitations for a baby shower three years ago. I love giving invitations in boxes or at least giving them a 3-D aspect. I ordered Lemonheads in bulk. And then ordered some boxes from my go-to source Paper Mart. I made the invitations on my Gocco Printer and then tied it all up with a ribbon. The labels I just printed on my inkjet printer and then rounded the corners.

Concept and Photography by Jordan Ferney

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Best of Oh Happy Day: Bookworm Invitations

This was supposed to go live today but I got busy so I’m posting it late. I developed this concept for Cookie Magazine’s Nesting Blog (RIP). It is for a “bookworm party” where the kids bring their favorite book to trade with another child. An old book gets hollowed out and given with an invitation inside. Afterward it can become a secret place for the child to keep treasures. It is supposed to be like a worm ate out the book.

Last time I posted about this it made some people uncomfortable to “ruin” an old book. These books I got from a thrift store and they smelled funny, I looked up the printing and none of them were rare or valuable. I’m an English Lit major and I love books but in my opinion people can be too precious about moldy books sometimes.

Concept by and Styled by Jordan Ferney Photography by Paul Ferney

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Red Balloon Save the Dates

Wow, this is pretty much the best save-the-date ever. By Office Optimist, via For Print Only via Simple Song on twitter.

A quick Google search found this company that prints 50 custom balloons for around $50. Not cheap, but not ridiculous either.

Reminds me a tiny bit of the birthday party invitations I did right here. The save the dates are executed much better though.

Music Party

Moses and his cousin Henry were born a week apart so we decided to do a combined birthday party. It is music themed so Liz and I put together these invitations and printed them on the gocco yesterday.