Invitations are so important! It’s how you tell people how great your party is going to be. Here are some of our favorite invitation inspiration.

Free Printable: Book Shower Invite

by Amanda Jane Jones

I’ve actually never been to a book baby shower, but I just love the concept. Books are such treasures! What a wonderful way to start a children’s library. Click below for a free Book Shower Invitation Printable!

Directions: Just print the cover (front + back if you choose) on cover stock, then the interior page on text weight paper. Use the guides to cut and fold. Staple the pages inside the black bar and you’re all set! Fill in the blanks with the appropriate information, then address the outside and mail as is! It’s fun and easy.

Backyard Movie Night: Invitations

This is the first in a 4 part series on How to Throw a Backyard Movie Night sponsored by Skinny Cow.

I am so excited to be back for the summer and I’ve made a big list of parties I want to throw. First on that list is an outdoor movie party. Our new apartment has a really great back yard, perfect for a movie night. I thought it might be fun to do a four part series on how to throw a movie night. First step is sending out invitations. I asked my friend Ruel Brown to design a card for us to send out. We just inserted our text in the empty marquee sign, printed them out (they are 4″x 6″) and then sent them out in some minty green envelopes I picked up at a local paper store. Are you going to throw a movie night this summer? You can download your own free template of the invitation right here.

Free Printable: Around the Clock Shower Invite

By Amanda Jane Jones

Whoever invented the “Around the Clock Bridal Shower” deserves a high five. Such a good idea! Each guest receives an invitation with either Breakfast—8am, Lunch—noon, Dinner—5pm and “Dessert”—10pm. They then purchase a gift according to their assigned time/meal. It makes sure all your bases are covered…a bit of practical and a bit of fun!

Instructions: 1) Download the free printable below and print out each invite. If you so choose, you can print the stripes on the back. Who doesn’t love some extra stripes?!? 2) Cut out and fold in half. Easy!

Stamped Envelope Liners

by Joke Vande Gaer

If you have ever lined 200 envelopes, you know it’s a tough and boring job. But, an envelope that looks pretty inside and outside makes everything more fun. Stamping the insides of your envelopes is super quick and you can make them all look a little different.

And, if you are not sending it through the mail, you should stamp up the outside too!

Materials needed: stamp pads, envelopes, tape and a stamp.

Step 1: tape off the area of the envelope you don’t want to stamp (leave the glue line stamp free)
Step 2: start stamping the first color – don’t think too much of where you place it, the more color you add, the more it will come together.
Step 3: add more and more color

If you happen to have a white stamp pad, I’m sure a black envelope with white dots will look stunning!

Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Last year at this time I was busy working on these watercolor wedding invitations for Nancy and Elias’ destination wedding. (It was featured on Martha Stewart here.) These are the most labor intensive invitations I’ve ever made (see some outtakes) but are also my favorite thing I’ve designed. I have to give credit to my talented studio manager Alexis Birkmeyer who printed and painted and duplexed each one by hand (she is the most detail oriented person I know-perfect for letterpress.) The invitations were two sided: English on one and Greek on the other. and several parts were duplexed together which means you take two sheets of paper and glue them. It was all wrapped up together with pretty silver string. Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper featured them today with all the details. Go here to read more.

ps: Here are some watercolor business cards and my watercolor Christmas card.