Invitations are so important! It’s how you tell people how great your party is going to be. Here are some of our favorite invitation inspiration.

DIY Mini Cotton “Candy” Invitations

by Michaela Egger

I really have a soft spot for all things miniature. Anything that’s awesome in its regular size just gets oh so much more adorable in mini. So, when i was thinking of a fun way to invite friends to a little backyard carnival, the idea for these mini cotton candy invitations popped into my mind. Now, these are really not suitable for little kids – they might try eat the cotton, but older children and grown-ups like me will go crazy over these sweet things with the hidden message inside! You can use them as invitations like I do or you could make them as the carnival alternative to fortune cookies and hide little fortunes inside. And hey, if you want, you can also use real cotton candy instead of cotton. Yum!

DIY Mini Cotton "Candy" Invitations | Oh Happy Day!DIY Mini Cotton "Candy" Invitations | Oh Happy Day!

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DIY Woodland Party Invitation

by Michaela Egger

I love creating theme parties, especially when they are easy to DIY. For my daughter’s 5th birthday this year, I’m putting together a little woodland creature themed party and I’m happy to share a few of my DIYs with you this month. These cute mini woodland invitation boxes are easy, quick and inexpensive, but they will definitely get your little guests’ attention.

DIY Woodland Party Invitation | Oh Happy Day! DIY Woodland Party Invitation | Oh Happy Day!

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Printable Clothing Swap Invites

by Alix Sorrell

Spring is finally here which means it’s the perfect time have a clothing swap! This is a great way to do a bit of spring cleaning & re-vamp your wardrobe while catching up with friends. When the party is over, make sure to donate the leftover clothing (or any other items) to your local thrift store!

Printable Clothing Swap Invites | Oh Happy Day! Printable Clothing Swap Invites | Oh Happy Day! Printable Clothing Swap Invites | Oh Happy Day!

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Envelope Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by beautiful envelopes. It makes me want to send out more snail mail! Wouldn’t these be a fun surprise to find in your mailbox?? (PS – Stamped envelope liners.)

Envelope Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1.  Eccentric Envelopes for Non-Calligraphers | 2. Bear Mail Art | 3. Polka Dot Hand Painted Envelopes | 4. Washi Tape Mailbox Treats | 5. Black and White Owl Envelope | 6. Green Painted Envelope | 7. Pink Airmail Package | 8. Confetti Mail | 9. Eclectic Hand Painted Envelopes | 10. Monsieur l’Elefant

Plant a Flower Day Card

by Ashley Page Norton

I’m not always perfect at remembering the birthdays I should remember, so it’s nice to send out a little note to friends and family who live far away when it’s not their birthday or a major holiday. A great excuse to keep in touch is coming up on March 12: Plant a Flower Day! Take advantage of this awesome holiday by sending cards adorned with a flower made out of seed paper. When planted, the seeds inside the paper will bloom into real wildflowers. Even if winter isn’t over yet, these cards feel like spring!

Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day! Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day! Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day!

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