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The only thing we like as much as parties is a pretty room. See our favorite home decor ideas and tips and tricks right here like how we turned a walk in closet into a bedroom for our two sons. Or how we decorated our temporary Paris apartment on the cheap.

New House Pictures (Part Two)

Yesterday I shared photos of the front half of the house and today is the back of the house. The back rooms are some of my favorite rooms and I think the kitchen and bathroom hold the most potential for transformation (in general the bones of the house we want to keep as-is.)

New House Oh Happy Day

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New House Pictures (Part One)

Last Spring we closed on our very first home in San Francisco. We just moved in this last week and I’ve been going 100 miles an hour working on projects for the house and getting unpacked. I am planning on sharing a little bit of the process of updating and renovating our new home here on the blog but first I wanted to share the photos of the flat. It is a very special house and the previous owner did such a great job of protecting the original elements of the house. It has beautiful architectural details throughout though it isn’t without problems (no heating, no lights in the closet, etc.) but all these will be tackled in good time. I’m going to share half today and half tomorrow because there is a lot of ground to cover.


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Lowe’s Deck The Halls: The Bedroom

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to partner with Lowe’s for their Deck the Halls event in New York City. The Lowe’s team was amazing and built an entire home in a Manhattan studio in a matter of hours. Then, they invited 7 different designers to showcase their holiday decorating ideas in each room. I was so honored to be included! It was so fun seeing my design for the guest suite come to life.

In the bedroom, I knew I wanted to go dark. So we painted everything (moulding, shelving, baseboards) with chalkboard paint. Not only is the color of the chalkboard paint beautiful – it also allows for writing fun holiday messages right onto the walls. These dark walls made the crisp white bed linens, simple red Christmas decorations, and DIY artwork to pop in the room. One of my favorite elements was the plant wall we created using terracotta pots and greenery from Lowe’s. It brought so much life into the room! Then, we styled the room with accent furniture from Lowe’s and lots of vintage details. I have to give a shout out to Ashley Norton who came on the day of the event and helped me pull all the little details together.

Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom | Oh Happy Day!Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom | Oh Happy Day!Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom

I’ll be sharing all the bathroom details in a few days. But, if you’re interested in getting a similar look in your home for the holidays, here are the supplies we got from Lowe’s:

Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom | Oh Happy Day!

A. Oak Accent Chair | B. Black Chalkboard Paint | C. Square End Table | D. Pinewood Bead Chain | E. White Ceramic Vase | F. Black Arm Wall Sconce | G. Rectangular Console and Sofa Table | H. White Side Chair

Photos by Patrick Schneider 

Dreaming of a Country House

I love living in the city and although I know it isn’t for everyone, we really thrive here. That said, I’ve been realizing lately how nice it is to get out of the city. My blood pressure goes down and the kids play differently, it feels so good! We are very far away from buying a “country house” but we have been daydreaming about buying a tiny piece of land maybe somewhere in rural Sonoma or Napa and then putting a prefab cabin on it until we can afford to build a real house. Here are two really inspiring articles that I went back and reread. They make it seem really possible. Would you ever buy a shack without running water?


1. Le Shack
I loved this story in The New York Times of fashion designer, Isabel Marant’s place just outside of Paris. It resonated with me because it is so accessible. It is a simple place (no indoor plumbing!) but it only takes 35 minutes to get there. In the article Marant explains how they don’t meet up with friends in the city, they’ll just have everyone meet up in the country since it is so close. I like the idea we could invite friends up for the day and a 35 minute drive is the same as driving across town.

2. How I Built a House in a Week
I remembered the article from Domino Magazine years ago where Cynthia Kling built a house in a week. (I found the article online here.) Basically Kling bought a $10,000 prefab kit plus a $1,500 deck and then constructed a little modern cabin in the woods on the corner of her friend’s property. What I like about this is that she built it on a budget. We could realistically build this sooner and our getaway would be more like fancy camping. Then hopefully later down the road we could build something more substantial.
This is all a few years off for us but it is fun to think about. Also, if you don’t have time on your hands be careful of the rabbit hole that is prefab homes. My aunt was in town last weekend and we stayed up late dreaming about all these gorgeous homes. Here are a couple of my favorites.
PreFab Houses Oh Happy Day

We Bought a House in San Francisco!

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the news last month that we bought a house! Technically its just a flat (not a single family home) but we couldn’t be more excited. I made a list of goals when we were first married of things I really wanted to do over the next 10 years or so. The first thing on the list was: Buy a House in San Francisco. It was very unrealistic when I made that goal so the fact that we actually did it is thrilling. I cried when it became official. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom Victorian flat near Dolores Park. The apartment is 1700 square feet with a large kitchen, dining room and even a guest bedroom. It has beautiful original details and the apartment has been very well taken care of. We would like to eventually update the kitchen and bathroom and even knock out a wall or two but we are going to put that all on hold until our bank account recovers from that hefty down payment. The apartment is amazing but isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have a parking spot or a backyard and living on top of and below neighbors (even if they are nice) isn’t ideal. But the pros outweigh the cons a million times over so we feel really good about it. It is the perfect first home for us.

If you’ve been reading this blog any amount of time then you know we have a habit of living in small spaces. Our first apartment was a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco (pictures here, I cringe when I see these BTW.) After that we moved to a medium sized one bedroom apartment on Nob Hill, we had some children and they slept in a closet. After that we moved to a two bedroom apartment in Paris (Paris has cheaper housing than San Francisco so we upgraded!) Then last Spring we moved to our current 500 square foot apartment in the Mission District of San Francisco. We won’t move into the new house for a few months but home decor has been on my mind a lot. I hope you’ll indulge me a bit as I post about the new place and the projects we have in store. I’ve been waiting to own a house for so long I can’t believe its actually here. Here is a little peek of our long San Francisco hallway.

New House