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The only thing we like as much as parties is a pretty room. See our favorite home decor ideas and tips and tricks right here like how we turned a walk in closet into a bedroom for our two sons. Or how we decorated our temporary Paris apartment on the cheap.

Boys’ Room

I’m sharing photos of my sons’ bedroom today! The room didn’t come together right away and it’s taken lots of adjustments to get to where I finally felt it was “finished.” When we bought our first home in San Francisco and moved in last Fall we set up the old bedroom furniture in their new room but a lot of things just didn’t fit right. It has taken almost 6 months to slowly resolve each problem until I was happy with it. When I’m decorating a space I really try to think about how functional everything is, I’ll share that whole process below. Come take a peek!

Children's Room | Oh Happy Day

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Pantry Renovation

I’m so excited today to finally share the pictures of our pantry renovation! We did the kitchen and pantry at the same time but the kitchen is still not done (hopefully soon!) We did the renovations ourselves with the help of Paul’s parents (they are amazing!) I’ll get into to the nitty gritty down below but for now let’s look at the pretty photos.

My Dream Pantry | Oh Happy Day

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I almost titled this “Stop adding this stuff to your cart Jordan, you can’t ever have it.” We are starting to actually decorate the house (way more fun than redoing the electrical!) But lately I’ve found that I’ll narrow down my lighting options for the dining room and realize none of the tabs open in my browser cost less than $9000. Since when did my taste get so expensive? I’m a big believer in saving up for the one thing that is really special and makes your heart happy but $9,000?!?!?!? That is not happening. My father would roll over in his grave and send me another copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon” from heaven. No judgement to the people that can afford it (um…can I come over to your house and look at your light fixtures? ) Anyway, it’s still fun to dream about all the pretty things out there. What is on your dream list?

You can't always get what you want.

A. Lawson Fenning Chair (I think I would have it upholstered in linen.) B. David Weeks Mobile Light is gorgeous. C. This Cherner chair is so sexy. It’s like a sculpture. D. I love the clean lines and brass details on this Milo Baughman chair. E. This light fixture is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


Studio Kitchen Makeover

I’m so happy to finally share some of the changes we’ve been working on the last few months at Oh Happy Day studio. First up is the Kitchen! This space wasn’t always a kitchen. It was a funny room in the back that got great light but wasn’t pleasant to be in since that is where all the boxes and random supplies would get stuffed when we had a project going on. We finally decided to to take the prime real estate and turn it into a little kitchen area. Last month we tackled that sad little room head-on. We knew we wanted to paint the kitchen a bright color and collaborated with Valspar since they have an awesome Love Your Color Guarantee. If you don’t love the color you chose you can try a new one, on them. It made it way easier to try  a bold color like Poker Green in a small space. We made the video below  showing the transformation that I’m really excited about, I hope you like it!

Oh Happy Day | Kitchen Makeover

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The Great Green Sofa Hunt of 2014

Even before we moved into our house I had been eyeing this green sofa (1) from Room and Board. I hesitated to order it because it was supposed to take over three months (I don’t have the patience for that!) and also it was expensive and there were other more boring things that were begging for my money (paint, electrical, new windows.) I finally went in to order it a few weeks ago and discovered it had been discontinued. (Apparently you can still custom order it but they increased the price $800!) I was mostly annoyed at myself for not paying attention but couldn’t bring myself to pay more for something that was significantly cheaper just a few weeks before.) That little turn of events has ignited the Great Green Sofa Search of 2014. Once I got my heart set on emerald green I couldn’t think of anything else. Here are some of the sofas I’ve been looking at:


I actually purchased the second sofa (2) last week (long and low cheap mint green sofa!) but after seeing a fabric sample in person discovered that it is more of a blue than a green. I was so sad it wasn’t the right color.

The third sofa is really beautiful (3) but I realized after looking at it for a few minutes that it is literally the exact same sofa we have but in green (they are both made by Crate and Barrel.) No go. I can’t handle having the exact same sofa so I continued my hunt.

The fourth sofa represents my Craigslist search for something vintage. I’ve been looking for a really great vintage sofa with nice lines I can reupholster. (It’s all I do in the evenings these days. ) I’ve run up against two problems there. 1. I haven’t found the right fabric yet. (My designer friends say I need to go to the Design Center to look.) And 2. By the time I spend money on a sofa, fabric, and upholstery it’s getting much more expensive than a new sofa. If I could find a cheap fabric and a great deal on a sofa it is more competitive. I’m still considering this option but waiting for the fabric and sofa to fall into place.

I also considered this IKEA sofa (5). The price is right but something about the legs bothered me and I couldn’t do it.

The last sofa I considered was this Room and Board sofa (6). I liked the lines and the silver legs the only thing is the tufted seat and cushion. Someone told me once to never get a tufted sofa as your “practical ” sofa because it isn’t comfortable. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for but am getting really serious about my hunt. Do you know of any great green sofas? I’m looking for something modern, with personality, clean lines about $2000, and comfortable. Any suggestions? Where are you green sofa??!!!