Best Books to Give Your Lover

Secret Language of Sleep: Paul bought me this for V-day last year. It is a small little book, cleverly written, that interprets cuddling positions.

Other People’s Love Letters: I thumbed through this the other day at Urban Outfitters. A book of really great found love letters.

I Like You: This was my standard present for every boyfriend or friend for several years. It is a small little book with the sweetest message.

30 Presents under $30 #30

#30 Fresh Bundle of Mistletoe {$3}

I bought some fresh mistletoe last night at the bazaar. You can find the fresh stuff at farmers markets and sometimes at grocery stores. At $2-$3 a bundle this makes a really great neighbor or coworker gift. We’re going to decide where to hang it tonight.

30 Presents under $30 #29

#29 Umbrella Stand {$34}

I LOVE this umbrella stand. So quirky and fun. If I didn’t already have one I loved I would scoop this guy up.

30 Presents under $30 #28

#28 Elephant Ramp Walker {$21}

My friend Paul brought one of these home from Prague for us. It is seriously so great. With a push the little elephant walks down his ramp. If our baby is even half as entertained as we are, he’ll love this toy.

30 Presents under $30 #27

#27 Demetri Martin Person. DVD {$17}

I looove Demetri Martin. This DVD is perfect for your twenty-something brother.