Valentines Day Idea 3: Surprises

The most important thing for me on Valentines Day is coming up with some sort of surprise. It doesn’t need to be expensive just cool and thoughtful. Last year I tied a large red balloon to a box and made the string so long that Paul could see it from his second story office. I called him and told him to look outside–and all his coworkers gathered around the window to watch while he went down to get the box. I filled the box with all of his favorite things.

Valentines Day Idea 2: Kitch

Random Valentines Day kitch from Urban Outfitters. I actually kind of want that big heart, I’m not sure why.

Valentines Day Idea 1: Big Valentine

Last year I made these giant Valentines for friends and family. I had a few different sayings on the inside. Here is how I made them:

1. Write or print out the saying you want on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
2. Take it to a kinkos with one of those large scale printers and have it enlarged {costs around $4.} I made mine a few feet wide.
3. Fold it up into a little square and wrap it up with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. You can print their name or a message on the outside wrapper.

We still have the one I made for Paul hanging on our wall. It says: I love you to the blue blue sky.

SF Guide

I’m in the process of putting together a comprehensive San Francisco guide. I’ve wanted to put this together for a long time so yesterday I went around with Aubrey Trinnaman to several neighborhoods to get pictures of my favorite spots. We are half done and will hopefully have the final project up in the next week or two. Here is a polaroid I came home with.

What to buy for Paul

Here are some of the things I want to buy Paul for Christmas.

A- a pair of noise canceling headphones. B- Super 8 Film {so he can use his Dad’s old movie cameras} C- Casual clothing since he doesn’t have to dress up for the office anymore. D- Memberships to Art Museums E- Comfy shoes here and here F- A wide angle lens G- A membership to the Commonwealth Club he can go hear interesting people speak at lunch. H- A comfortable office chair for the studio {we have this chair at home and we LOVE it} I- A cute picture of Moses framed.