30 Presents under $30 #4

#4 The Architect’s Brother {$40}

Ok so I’m only on the fourth item of this list and two have gone over budget. oops. I got this beautiful coffee table book this summer and it is STILL my favorite. It is a large book and every picture in it is GORGEOUS. I can’t go on about this enough. This would make a beautiful and very special present. Robert ParkeHarrison is a genius.

30 Presents under $30 #3

#3 New York City in a Bag {$14}

I love anything MUJI but I especially love this little wooden city in a bag. Perfect for a little person. I wonder if I could get Paul’s dad to make a San Francisco version for the little bebe…

30 Presents under $30 #2

#2 Zumreed Headphones {$39}

Ok, these sweet babies are $9 over but still deserve to be on this list. These hard to find stripey headphones get me loads of compliments everywhere I go.

image via Fashion is Spinach

30 Presents under $30 #1

Here is a mini guide of 30 gifts under $30 to get people you love.

#1 French Market Basket {$22}
I cannot live without my French Shopping Bag. Whether it is a quick run to the farmers market or grocery store or just a picnic I take my trusty basket with me. {I prefer the kind with short and long handles.} This bag is a classic and will never go “out of fashion.”

Paris Haunts and Jaunts

When we went to Paris in 2005 for our honeymoon, Paul’s coworker, Kristen, wrote up a little itinerary of must-sees. She has great taste and had lived in Paris for several years. Seriously, this little guide is amazing. I’ve given it to several people and they’ve all come back raving about how great it is. If you are heading to Paris anytime soon email me and I’ll send it to you. {I’d post it but it is a sort of lengthy word document.}

UPDATE: There is MUCH more interest than I thought there would be. Instead of emailing, now you can download the guide with the link below!

Paris Guide