5 Craigslist Tips

We aren’t moving into our new house for a few months but I’ve already been trolling Craigslist every evening looking for new furniture. Moving from 500 square feet to 1700 square feet is a big jump. There are a lot more rooms to furnish than before. I mean, we are going to actually have a dining room! I love Craigslist and when I’m looking for specific furniture nothing is more time and cost efficient for me than Craigslist. Most of the furniture from my house is from Craigslist and I definitely have my bag of tricks to get people to answer my emails. I swear I already wrote a post like this but I couldn’t find one in my archives so here are all my Craigslist tips and tricks in one place. (The pieces below are some I want for my new house, no one in the Bay Area is allowed to search for these the next few months, deal?)

Craigslist Search Tips

Tip #1. It Takes Time | The number one thing you can do to find amazing things on Craigslist is spend a lot of time looking. I know this sounds obvious but I used to wonder how people always found such amazing pieces for cheap and my friend explained how she spent 1-2 hours every evening looking on Craigslist. (And this was even before they had the picture feature when you had to click through and it took twice as long.) I really started having success when I adjusted my expectations for how long it was going to take. I go through phases but when I’m redecorating I will spend a few evenings a week searching and emailing.

Tip #2. Search Tricks | Everyone has their favorite search terms but depending on what I’m looking for I try to get very specific or very broad. For example if I am looking for a farm table (which I am) I will search specifically like: “french farm table” or “vintage pine table” after that I search with broad search terms like: “vintage table” or “old dining table.” Sometimes I’ll get really broad and just type in the word “vintage” and spend and hour looking. I’ve found some really great pieces that way. Another search trick I have is to use 1st Dibs. 1st Dibs is kind of like Craigslist for Rich People. Because I’m not a furniture expert it helps to go look at the amazing selection of sofas or dressers. When I find one I like that has a brand I’ve never heard of I do a search for that on Craigslist. For example I found that great dresser above by American of Martinsville, a brand I’d never heard of, and when I searched on Craigslist for “American of Martinsville” I found some beautiful dressers for 1/10 the price of 1st Dibs.

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Last Minute St. Paddy’s Day Ideas

If you’re looking for an adorable St. Patrick’s Day craft to work on this weekend, we’ve collected a few of our favorites ideas from around the web. Enjoy!

1. Leprechaun Trap Rainbow Cake 2. Rainbow Fringe Backdrop 3. Lucky Rainbow Jello 4. “Lucky” Cupcake Toppers 5. Rainbow Yarn Trail 6. Rainbow Table Runner



Here is Round 2 Luxe edition of my gift guide. These I use when I want to wrap something special for someone who will really appreciate it. The marbled papers I save for small packages to make it go farther and use the cheaper paper on the big boxes. I even tried my hand at using some watercolored paper for wrapping. (I love how it turned out.) This year I love pops of fluorescent because they feel fun and fancy. Sources and links below.

A. PAPER: Silver Ikea Wrapping Paper $2/roll
A. RIBBON: Hot Pink double faced Satin Ribbon from Fantasticos $3.90/25 yards

B. PAPER: Copper Textured Wrapping Paper from The Container Store
B. RIBBON: Gold Ribbon from Castle in the Air

C. PAPER: Marbled Paper $9/Roll
C. RIBBON: Wired Ribbon from Paper Mart $3.50/50 yards

D. PAPER: Water Colored Paper (I made myself!)
D. RIBBON: Silver Ribbon from The Ribbonrie

E. PAPER: Fluorescent Green Tissue Paper from Fantasticos $1
E. RIBBON: Chartreuse Ribbon from Paper Source

F. PAPER: Marbled Paper from Paper Mojo $15/sheet
F. RIBBON: Magenta Single face Stain Ribbon from Paper Mart $3/100 yards

G. PAPER: Coppery Brown Paper from Ikea (last year)
G. RIBBON: Chocolate Double Face Satin from Paper Mart $8.80/50 yards

H. PAPER: Japanese Folded Box from Tail of the Yak $3
H. RIBBON: Green Double Face Satin from Paper Mart $8.80/50 yards


I love wrapping presents almost more than the actual presents. I’ve put together a series of wrapping guides where I share my favorite sources. For the most part I try to use cheap wrapping paper and ribbon and then fill it in with the occasional special materials. (I wish I could wrap every box in $5/yard ribbon but it gets cost prohibitive.) This is all stuff I have in my wrapping supplies I’ve linked to it where available. The Paper Mart Ribbon is my favorite just because it is really affordable.

A. PAPER: Ikea Red Stripe Wrapping Paper $2/roll
A. RIBBON: Paper Mart single faced Satin Ribbon $2.50/100 yards

B. PAPER: Soft Green Polka Dot Wrapping Paper by American Crafts
B. RIBBON: Lime Green Grosgrain from The Ribbonerie

C. PAPER: Ikea Red Wrapping Paper $1/Roll
C. RIBBON: Paper Mart Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon $3.50/50 yards

D. PAPER: Ikea Red Polka Dot Wrapping Paper $2/roll
D. RIBBON: Paper Mart Red Grosgrain Ribbon $4.70/50 yards

E. PAPER: Ikea Red Wrapping Paper $1/Roll
E. RIBBON: Paper Mart Striped Ribbon $4.44/25 yards

F. PAPER: Green Ikea Wrapping Paper (from last year)
F. RIBBON: Dark Green Grosgrain from The Ribbonerie

G. PAPER: Navy Blue Kraft Box from The Packaging Store
G. RIBBON: Red Striped Ribbon from The Ribbonerie

H. PAPER: Ikea Navy Stripe Wrapping Paper $2/roll
H. RIBBON: Dark Green Two Tone Ribbon from The Ribbonerie

I. PAPER: Polka Dot Paper from Paper Source (not currently on website)
I. RIBBON: White wired ribbon from Paper Mart $4.23/25 yards

J. PAPER: Red Kraft Box from The Packaging Store
J. RIBBON: Detailed Red/White Ribbon from The Ribbonerie

Paris Guide

Another email I get a lot is for the Paris Guide from our Honeymoon. Paul’s coworker lived there for several years and gave us this list just before we left. We had an amazing trip and everyone we give this to comes back raving about this guide. I like it because it has things that aren’t in the guidebooks. We spent time everyday picnicking on the Seine. It was perfect. Go here to see it all.