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Wrapping Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I shared 10 beautiful envelopes that were really inspiring me. Lately, I’ve been finding the most beautiful wrapped packages that make me want to wrap presents for everyone I know!  They all seem pretty easy to recreate, but I can’t decide which one’s my favorite. What about you?

Wrapping Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!


1. Dots | 2. Eyes | 3. Dots, Pink & Newspaper | 4. Polka Dot Bow | 5. Paper Pom | 6. Abstract, Geometry & Cats | 7. Animals | 8. Pom Poms | 9. Lightning | 10. Random Tickets

Holiday Horn Garland

by Kathleen Ballos

While browsing the loot bag aisle at the party store, I saw these cute plastic whistles and knew they had some holiday potential. Spray paint them in bright color, glue them on a string, and you’ve got instant holiday decor that makes a big impact. Hang the garland from your ceiling at your next Christmas party, decorate your tree with it, or even make a few extra to tie onto gifts.

Holiday Horn Garland | Oh Happy Day!Holiday Horn Garland | Oh Happy Day!Holiday Horn Garland | Oh Happy Day!

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Ink Pad Wrapping Paper

by Joke Vande Gaer

In a cleaning frenzy I was about to toss out all the ink pads that were not working that great anymore. Before I did, I tested them by stamping the pad directly on paper… and loved the result! So, don’t throw them away just yet, they are perfect for staining wrapping paper & edge painting envelopes and cards! (PS – For more wrapping paper ideas, check out our tutorials here and here!)

Ink Pad Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!Ink Pad Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!Ink Pad Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!

Materials Needed: rice paper or tissue paper, blank notecards, plain envelopes, an old stamp pad

Use the stamp pad as a stamp by pushing it directly onto the paper. Make sure you have time to let the paper dry.
edge painted cards and envelopes: hold the cards (or envelopes) tight together and swipe the edges through the ink pad.

Now, go get out those ink pads!

Wrapping Money

by Joke Vande Gaer

Money is probably my least favorite gift to give. My kids are still young and don’t ask for it yet. But, my nephews are really getting into asking for money for their birthdays to save up for something big! I love the pass the parcel game and this wrapping idea is inspired by it. There are different layers of wrapping paper with a little more money in each layer.  No need to pass it around, all layers are for the birthday boy (or girl!)


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Here is Round 2 Luxe edition of my gift guide. These I use when I want to wrap something special for someone who will really appreciate it. The marbled papers I save for small packages to make it go farther and use the cheaper paper on the big boxes. I even tried my hand at using some watercolored paper for wrapping. (I love how it turned out.) This year I love pops of fluorescent because they feel fun and fancy. Sources and links below.

A. PAPER: Silver Ikea Wrapping Paper $2/roll
A. RIBBON: Hot Pink double faced Satin Ribbon from Fantasticos $3.90/25 yards

B. PAPER: Copper Textured Wrapping Paper from The Container Store
B. RIBBON: Gold Ribbon from Castle in the Air

C. PAPER: Marbled Paper $9/Roll
C. RIBBON: Wired Ribbon from Paper Mart $3.50/50 yards

D. PAPER: Water Colored Paper (I made myself!)
D. RIBBON: Silver Ribbon from The Ribbonrie

E. PAPER: Fluorescent Green Tissue Paper from Fantasticos $1
E. RIBBON: Chartreuse Ribbon from Paper Source

F. PAPER: Marbled Paper from Paper Mojo $15/sheet
F. RIBBON: Magenta Single face Stain Ribbon from Paper Mart $3/100 yards

G. PAPER: Coppery Brown Paper from Ikea (last year)
G. RIBBON: Chocolate Double Face Satin from Paper Mart $8.80/50 yards

H. PAPER: Japanese Folded Box from Tail of the Yak $3
H. RIBBON: Green Double Face Satin from Paper Mart $8.80/50 yards