Gift Giving

Nautical Favor Boxes

by Kathleen Ballos

Even though summer is behind us, all things nautical don’t have to be! Craft these simple nautical boxes to hold favors for your next party or keep a few stashed away for those times when you need to dress up a small gift in a hurry. With the holidays coming up, I always like to have a few small gifts ready for those “I can’t believe I forgot!” moments and paired with a small gift these boxes are just right.

Nautical Favor Boxes | Oh Happy Day!Nautical Favor Boxes | Oh Happy Day!Nautical Favor Boxes | Oh Happy Day!

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Wrapping Money

by Joke Vande Gaer

Money is probably my least favorite gift to give. My kids are still young and don’t ask for it yet. But, my nephews are really getting into asking for money for their birthdays to save up for something big! I love the pass the parcel game and this wrapping idea is inspired by it. There are different layers of wrapping paper with a little more money in each layer.  No need to pass it around, all layers are for the birthday boy (or girl!)


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Free Printable Cloud Greetings

by Amy Moss

My obsession with glitter paper continues in my latest printable – Cloud-shaped greeting cards!

Here are some ideas for what you can with these cuties:

  • Brighten up someone’s day with a ‘Rainy Day’ care package
  • Use them as candy bag toppers for party favors.
  • Hang them up as party decorations- perhaps cloud bunting!?
  • Send birthday greetings
  • …or anything else you fancy!

Cloud GreetingsCloud GreetingsCloud GreetingsCloud Greetings

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Paper Wheel Candy Greetings

 by Amy Moss

In the midst of an ongoing addiction to all things sugary and sweet, I designed these delightfully twee candy-shaped paper wheel greeting cards. A pretty eye-candy substitute while I attempt to kick this oh-so-nasty habit. Besides, who wouldn’t love receiving Candy? Even it’s only made out of paper!

Print out the design, construct your Candy Paper Wheel and write your own personal greeting. The recipient simply has to rotate the top wheel to uncover the hidden message underneath!

Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s day, anniversaries… any sweet occasion.

Paper Wheel Candy GreetingsPaper Wheel Candy GreetingPaper Wheel Candy GreetingPaper Wheel Candy Greeting

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Mini Paper Fan Printables

By Amy Moss

Inspired by summer, I’ve designed these Mini Paper Fan printables that you can use for a variety of party projects like:

  • Gift packaging or party favor bags.
  • Decorations or name cards for table place-settings. (They would be perfect for a garden party!)
  • Wedding escort cards.
  • Summer or spring party/wedding favors.
  • Party or wedding decorations.
  • A paper fan garland.

I’ve designed two sets of fans: patterned and ombré. Feel free to mix and match or stick to just the one color, depending on your party styling needs.

Mini Paper Fan PrintablesMini Paper Fan PrintablesMini Paper Fan PrintablesMini Paper Fan Printables

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