Paper Flower Crafts

It’s no secret that I love making paper flowers. And over the years, they’ve become quite a staple here on Oh Happy Day. Here are a few of my favorite projects that we’ve done. Which ones have you tried?

Paper Flower Crafts | Oh Happy Day!Paper Flower Crafts | Oh Happy Day!Paper Flower Crafts | Oh Happy Day!

A. Paper Flower Cone Bouquet | B. Paper Calla Lilies | C. Hand Painted Flower Tree | D. Giant Flower Photobooth Backdrop | E. Mini Paper Flower Party Hats | F. Mini Crepe Paper Flower Favors | G. Flower Party Blowers | H. Easy Crepe Paper Garland | I. Painted Paper Flower Headbands | J. Paper Flower Corsages


Hand Painted Flower Tree DIY

They used to have this giant paper tree at my favorite store Tail of the Yak as one of their store displays (they’ve since changed it) but I love the idea of making a paper flower tree for a shower or party. It fits perfect for spring. We made one and I loved it so much I’ve kept it on my desk. It would be cute to go with these: Painted Paper Flower Hats for a bridal or baby shower or a really fun birthday party. (ps: Screensaver is from Door 16.)

Click through for more photos and instructions.


Wheatgrass In Painted Pots DIY

Every spring I love growing pots of wheatgrass to give as gifts and just to have around the house for springtime. My sister Design Mom actually taught me this trick a long time ago. (read instructions on how to grow the grass here.) But it is still one of my favorite things to do in the Springtime. I paint a few pots with designs or quotes about springtime and take them to friends. It’s perfect for the time when it is almost-Spring-but-still-cold.  And, since wheatgrass only needs a few days to grow – ours will be ready in time for Easter!


The Florist

The sun is shining today and Spring is definitely in the air. If you are in the sun it is warm enough to take off your coat! We went on a walk this morning and picked up some of those pretty pink ranunculus from the florist down the street. I love how all the root systems are exposed in the glass vessels. Makes the flowers even prettier I think.

Spring is so close I can feel it! The one thing about living in cold weather, you really appreciate spring…unlike those ingrates in California.

Flora Grubb

Have you seen Flora Grubb‘s famous Vertical Garden’s? I just saw they have a DIY kit. I love succulents because they are hard for me to kill. If I ever own a home I’m totally doing one of these.