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Paperwhites and Booze

I was in The Gardener last week and I was complaining to the guy selling the paperwhites that mine grew too tall and tipped over. He told me about this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. Apparently if you add 1/10th part alcohol to the water the paperwhites stay short but still produce fluffy fragrant blooms. So when I give my paperwhites away I will include a mini bottle of whisky.

Jamali Garden Supplies

San Francisco has a flower center where you can get flowers and vases and everything you need for throwing a party. But not everyone lives near a flower center, that is where Jamali Garden Supplies comes in handy. They have really affordable vases etc. This is perfect for anyone planning a wedding or party.

Citrus Trees

Sometime last year I was walking by Mistral in the Ferry Building and I noticed the cutest little orange trees in the window. It inspired me so much that for the last year I have made several attempts to keep citrus trees, all of which failed miserably. I was in Mistral last month for lunch and I asked the chef in the back where they got their orange trees. He said, “Bed Bath and Beyond. They are fake.” I couldn’t believe it. I had spent a year trying to figure out how to grow a citrus tree indoors when the whole time they were fake.

Here are some cute fake citrus trees for $22 {I stopped by B B & B and they didn’t have any.}

30 presents under $25 #28

{30 presents under $25} #28: Rosemary Topiary $7

This Rosemary Topiary is $50 from Williams Sonoma. But I bought one at Target for $7 last week at their Garden Center. This makes a cool present because you can use the Rosemary to cook with. You can even change the shape of it after the holidays if you want something less Christmas-tree-looking.