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Favorite Party Ideas This Week

1. The very festive honeycomb display on Love Taza.
2. We are so excited about this book (via Creature Comforts.)
3. Stephmodo‘s new project for Anthropologie.
4. Un Beau Jour‘s delicious save the dates. (I love this French wedding blog!)
5. Tips and tricks for throwing an awesome event (by Designlovefest.)

Painted Paper Flower Headbands DIY

I’ve made floral party hats before, but this week we made a whole paper flower tree in our studio (DIY coming soon!) and it made me want to do a refresh of one of my favorite crafts ever. These fascinators have a crepe paper base, but we added painted paper petals to give them an extra punch of color. We attached flowers in different sizes and added a few hanging ribbons to make them more interesting. I’m in love with the final product! They’ll definitely be making an appearance at our Easter party.


Thanksgiving Recap

That long holiday was exactly what I needed. I organized closets, got my email whittled down to a manageable size, and got to eat lots of food. Our Thanksgiving was great. Liz made an amazing meal and had all sorts of activities lined up to entertain all the kids.

I was happy with how the flowers turned out. I picked up some oranges, berries, fall leaves, and dahlias on Wednesday morning at the flower market. It took about an hour to assemble three arrangements. The little marble envelopes filled with nuts doubled as place cards.

How was your Thanksgiving.

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I am having Thanksgiving at my Brother and Sister-in-law’s house. They’ve divvied out the food assignments and Liz put me in charge of the table. So that means rounding up the table, chairs, table linens, china, silverware, and then doing the flowers. I am taking inspiration from this Ariella Chezar photo of bright pinks and oranges. (I love that book BTW if you are interested in flowers at all you should get it.)

I also write for Babble.com. Here are my posts this week.

Perfect gift for a friend who is having their second (or more) child.
Have you seen the kid clothes at Forever 21? SO CUTE!
I wonder if it is bad manners to unbutton your pants mid meal to make room for more?

Children’s Flower Birthday Party

I love this birthday party from photographer Natalie Norton (whose blog has had a lovely makeover). When I stop for a second and realize people live in Hawaii it makes me stop and wonder why all of us live anywhere else. All the styling and decor from the Etsy shop Pretty Swell.