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Printable Floral Gift Wrap

by Alix Sorrell

Tis the season for floral patterns! Don’t they feel so festive and springy? This printable watercolor floral wrap is perfect for Mother’s Day or any gift you’re giving this spring. Just download & print this free template and get wrapping! (PS – Gift Wrap Inspiration!)

Printable Floral Gift Wrap | Oh Happy Day! Printable Floral Gift Wrap | Oh Happy Day! Printable Floral Gift Wrap | Oh Happy Day!

Printable Floral Gift Wrap Template

A Mother’s Day Brunch

by Casey Baudoin

This Mother’s Day, gather all your loved ones to celebrate with a brunch, filled with pops of orange, yellow, and flowers.  Have everyone bring their favorite dish their Mother taught them, to share!

A Mother's Day Brunch | Oh Happy Day!

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Craft Night: Floral Design Class

Here are a few photos from our Floral Design Craft Night last week. It was so fun to host Studio Choo at our studio – they’re amazing! Each class started with introductions, and I shared a few ways that Bing image search can help with finding color inspiration. Then, Alethea and Jill taught the basics of flower care and how to build floral arrangements. After their lesson, each person got to choose their own flowers and start designing their own bouquets. The Studio Choo team wandered around and gave advice and instruction. I was super impressed with everyone’s creativity! Thanks to my friend Rebecca Wright for putting the evening together. We’ll be announcing more craft nights soon – so stayed tuned! (And make sure to join our mailing list to get early access to sign up!)

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights: Floral DesignOh Happy Day Craft Nights: Floral Design

Andrea Pimental provided the snacks: s’mores pots de creme! (Get the recipe here.) I think I ate ten.

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights: Floral Design

For the goodie bags, Poppies for Grace sent over a confetti balloons and sweetheart gift kits for everyone who attended. We had a few extra, so we used them as decorations.

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights: Floral Design

Paper Generation gave everyone these awesome terrarium notecards. (Plus, she hand-wrote a message on each one!)


I love these mini pom pom flowers that ban.do sent over (fits the theme, don’t you think!?) And, Casey D. Sibley sent over a bunch of rad tea towels! See them all here.

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights: Floral Design

Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped make this night a success! I love hosting these classes and I’m really looking forward to doing more in the future. (Are you coming to our Letterpress Craft Nights next week??)

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights: Floral Design

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Photos by Paul Ferney & Alison Piepmeyer for Oh Happy Day

Punched Leaf Napkin Rings

by Ashley Page Norton

I love the idea of tying a piece of rosemary into a mini wreath for a napkin ring – a little bit of greenery always looks nice on a table. Here’s a way to have a set of leafy napkin rings you never have to throw away – they’re made of paper! You can make these into mini wreaths which are super pretty, or customize them by making letters for everyone’s first name who’ll be sitting at your table. Either way it’s a little bit of spring to keep all year round!

Punched Leaf Napkin Rings | Oh Happy Day!Punched Leaf Napkin Rings | Oh Happy Day!Punched Leaf Napkin Rings | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for materials & instructions… 


Floral Inspiration

Our craft night with Studio Choo is happening tonight and I’m so excited! I’ve admired their work forever – so I can’t wait to hear them teach about floral design. Here are a few bouquets that have been inspiring me lately. I love springtime! All the flower markets are full of such pretty blooms. What’s your favorite flower? (PS – 10 ways to decorate with flowers.)

Spring Floral Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

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