flora + fauna

Thomas Lovejoy’s Garden

This house in Cottage Living is pretty close to my ideal yard. It is the home of a well known landscape architect. I love the glass green house. He gives really good advice about how to garden on a budget.


Last Sunday we went to Crissy Field with some friends for a little picnic. There was this cute little girl named Chloe running all over giving flowers to everyone. It was so fun.

Thank you Song

Song bought me tulips yesterday. They make me really happy.

Simple Centerpiece

I thought this was a good example of a simple but easy centerpiece. A lot of weddings I go to that are DIY the centerpieces either look too bare or too contrived. This is perfect because it is low on the table so guests can talk to one another but because there are so many candles it makes a BIG impact. Jamali Gardens is a great resource for vases, candle holders and candles.

{picture via Jill La Fleur}


At one point in my life I was obsessed with opening a flower shop. {Is that a standard universal goal? Like everyone wanting to be a marine biologist when they are 10?} Anyway, Michelle sent me a link to this new flower shop here in San Francisco called Birch. I think my favorite are their free-standing bouquets. {first picture}