favorite things

Tall Candles

Well these puppies are sold out but they are one of my favorite things in the shop. I love the colors.

Bar Keepers Friend

Williams Sonoma sold me my first can of Bar Keepers Friend a few years ago when I got my All Clad pans. This isn’t a new product but I’m always amazed what it can do. Besides polishing up beautifully anything stainless steel, it also has saved some of my favorite things. When Paul accidentally left one of the good chef’s knives in the sink overnight and a little rust spot formed, Bar Keepers Friend took it right off. When I left the Kitchen Aid paddle with cookie dough on it and it pitted, Bar Keeper’s friend cleaned it up. It is known for not being abrasive on surfaces that can scratch but still taking off grime and rust. This week it miraculously took a bunch of rust off my letterpress. {Normally I use kerosene but the fumes aren’t so great when you are pregnant.} The best part? You can get it at Safeway for two or three dollars.

Setting up shop

My blogging will be a bit spotty this week. I’ve been working on a new little venture the past few weeks that will {hopefully} launch by the first week in September. I’m really really excited about it. It is a little shop that will sell my most favorite things. I’ll still pop in here and there if I think of anything inspiring.

Center for the Book

The San Francisco Center for the Book is one of my favorite places in the whole world. This is where I took my first letterpress class. They offer an amazing selection of bookbinding and printing courses. There is a new little video on their site. Click here to watch. I really want to take a bookbinding class there this fall before all hell breaks loose.

{photo via flickr}

Tres Agaves

Tres Agaves is perhaps the best Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. {Not counting the taquerias in the Mission of course.} My new job is located just around the corner so I popped in for lunch the other day. Their lemonade is officially my favorite lemonade I’ve ever had {a title once held by the lemonade at One Market}. I casually ordered it thinking they we’re going to bring me a regular ol’ fountain drink when instead they brought me the best drink ever. I asked the bartender and he says it is made out of lemons, lime, and sweetened with agave nectar. SO GOOD! I’m going back soon to see if I can finagle a recipe {somehow I feel my feminine wiles are decreasing as the size of my belly is increasing.}

{photo from flickr}