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Kim Baise Mobiles

I discovered the Etsy Shop of Kim Baise the other day and I’m obsessed. She makes the most beautiful hand painted mobiles. I want the ice cream cone one! See more here.

Kim Baise MobilesKim Baise MobilesKim Baise Mobiles

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I made it a goal to go to the flower market once a week so we’ve had a zillion flowers around the house. I don’t have a favorite flower but peonies are definitely some of my favorites. They are only around for a couple months in the spring so I always try to take advantage when they are here. It makes me in such a good mood to have them around. (ps: I even had peonies in my bouquet when I got married.) Here are a couple photos from my Instagram account from the last month or two.

Peonies | Oh Happy Day!Peonies | Oh Happy Day!Peonies Oh Happy DayPeonies | Oh Happy Day!

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My Go-To Outfit

It is the worst feeling when you go get dressed for something important and realize you don’t have anything to wear. I get so busy that this happens to me a lot. I’m pretty good and keeping basics around (jeans, white button ups, blazers etc)  but every season I feel like I need to update them with a few new pieces. Well Golden Tote is here to change that. I tried out their service for the first time last year and I really loved the whole process. When you sign up, you fill out a style profile and pick a few items you’d like to have. Then their team of stylists takes that info and picks out a few more items to surprise you with. In my Golden Tote this month, I got this pretty crocheted shirt - which goes with everything, so I’ll be wearing it a ton this summer.  And, how awesome is this plaid dress? It really takes the stress out of shopping and keeping your wardrobe fresh and updated.

My Go-To Outfit | Oh Happy Day!My Go-To Outfit | Oh Happy Day!My Go-To Outfit | Oh Happy Day!

This post is sponsored by Golden Tote: a surprise shopping spree bundled up in a cute, canvas tote bag and delivered to your door.

9 Dreamy Picnics

One of my favorite things to do on Saturdays in the springtime is to go on picnics! I love spending the afternoon with yummy snacks, a good book, and a bottle of lemonade. We’ll definitely be doing one at a local park this weekend… but here are a few ideas that have been inspiring me for the future. Have a wonderful weekend guys!

9 Dreamy Picnics

Canoe picnic! How dreamy is that?

9 Dreamy Picnics

The food at this one looks ah-mazing.

9 Dreamy Picnics

I’ll always love movie nights.

9 Dreamy Picnics

Can we talk about this table?

9 Dreamy Picnics

The perfect rooftop evening.

9 Dreamy Picnics

This picnic basket would be perfect for a surprise date!

9 Dreamy Picnics

Oh, Paris. You’re the best.

9 Dreamy Picnics

On the beach with all my girlfriends.

9 Dreamy Picnics

Out on the dock.

PS – Clip on picnic utensils & DIY picnic baskets.

Inspiration No. 27

Here are a bunch of things that have been inspiring me lately! I’ve mentioned this before, but before I buy anything online now I always check the Chippmunk site for deals. Guys, it is awesome. Not only do they have coupons at a bunch of stores, but they also link to the best sales. This weekend, I was surprised to see that they partner with so many stores I love (like Design Within Reach, Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade Saturday & Zara.) It’s nice knowing that I’ll always get the best deal – even if I don’t have time to go into a store. Have you tried using Chippmunk yet??

Inspiration No. 27 | Oh Happy Day!


A. These shoes are so fun! I want to add them to my closet ASAP. | B. I just got this dustpan. Hopefully it makes cleaning more fun. | C. I’ll probably wear this dress every day this summer. | D. Love this funny little mirror. | E. The color of this pillow is amazing. | F. This little radio is so perfect for the summer. | G. Want this shelf for our guest room. | H. I’m obsessed with eyeballs!

This post is brought to you by Chippmunk: compare deals at the stores you love and see where you save the most!