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Google Maps: Street View

Ah, sweet sweet internet… What will you come up with next? Google Maps has a new feature called Street View where you can see what the actual street address looks like. The feature is only available in a few select cities and San Francisco is one of them. I’ve found this is especially useful when looking for an apartment. You can get a feel for the particular street the apartment is on. The pictures were taken during the first few months of this year and already people are finding special moments of caught and recorded for posterity. Here are two of my favorites:

No keys

Hooray for Sk*rt

Sk*rt is like digg but for women. It is so awesome. I’m warning you though, don’t go there unless you have some time. I just spent several hours exploring.

Happy June!

I can’t believe it is June already. Summer is my favorite season by far so I welcome it with open arms. Paul randomly brought home a giant box of Otter Pops this week. After I made fun of him I tried one for the first time since I was ten, it hit the spot. I think that box of Otter Pops somehow marks the beginning of our summer. Anyway, happy happy June.

My schedule has been crazy the last few weeks. Sorry for the inconsistent blogging, hopefully Monday I’ll be back to blogging like normal.

Photo by John Baird

Pride and Prejudice

Times I watched the five hour version of Pride and Prejudice this weekend while I was sick: Three. {I think its time to get cable again.}


Speaking of maps…I’m still on the hunt for more globes to add to my collection. I found all of these on ebay. The nice thing about ebay is everything is right at your fingertips. The prices are a bit higher than a flea market but that is the price of convenience.