favorite things

Mrs. Meyers Rhubarb

I’m a die hard Mrs. Meyers fan and Geranium has always been my scent of choice. When I saw the new Rhubarb scent on the shelf at Whole Foods I picked it up for a go. I cleaned up with it yesterday and it left my home smelling yummy. It might be my new favorite.


I popped into Rare Device yesterday and I left with one of these reusable shopping bags. They are so small when they are folded up so I can keep it in my purse. No more feeling guilty when they guy at Whole Foods asks me if I remembered my bag.

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Yesterday my friend Brooke handed me The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and said, “Watch it, it will be your new favorite movie.” Wow! It did not disappoint. It is a French movie from the 60’s filled with beautiful people, dressed in beautiful clothes, and the art direction is bright and gorgeous. I loved it.

Panini Heaven

We got a panini maker for Christmas. My friend Tracy got pounds and pounds of meat etc. from a friend who sent her Build-your-own-Rubens from a NY deli. {Great idea for a present.} She shared her wealth and brought by some for us. Yum. We’ve been eating the yummiest sandwiches ever. We’ve only owned it for three days but I’m pretty sure this panini maker has changed my life.

Ribbon Source

I’ve blogged about my favorite ribbon source before but I think it is worth another mention. PaperMart is the best for basics. My favorite is their double faced satin ribbon in 1.5 inches. It is $10 for 50 yards. They used to carry a really great wired ribbon but I’m not a fan of the one they are currently carrying. I also love their velvet and grosgrain. I never feel guilty using generous amounts of ribbon on a big package because it is so cheap. The best part is I can order it last minute and it only takes a day or two to arrive.