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Clothes To Party In No. 8

by Alison Piepmeyer

When it comes to planning Halloween costumes for myself, I’m the worst: I always leave it to the last minute and have to pull something together using pieces I already have in my closet. This fall, I’ve been eyeing a leopard print coat to add to my wardrobe. I figure it can be dual purposed as a simple Halloween costume! Pairing it with a cat ear headband and classic cat eye makeup, I’d be one pretty kitty. Happy Halloween! (PS – For more Clothes To Party In posts, click here!)

Clothes to Party In No. 8 | Oh Happy Day!

A. Black Bob Wig | B. Leopard Print Coat | C. Nail Glaze | D. Cat Eye Makeup | E. Cat Ears Headband | F. Ankle Boot with Metal Heel | G. Eternity Scarf

COS is Coming!

I was so excited hear the news that COS is coming to the US and opening a retail store in New York this Spring. When people ask me what store I miss the most from living in France the answer is hands down COS. It’s a little hard to explain their clothes because it doesn’t always translate well in photos (or on a blog.) COS is a Swedish clothing brand (owned by H&M) that is all over Europe and can best be described as “Sophisticated Swedish Design” it is known for it’s structural designs and really great fabrics. It’s the kind of store where you have to try everything on because it may look boring or strange on the rack but when you put it on it has a cool asymmetrical cut or an interesting sleeve. I have a couple COS dresses and whenever I wear them I always get people asking where I got them. They are my go-to black dresses for events because they are comfortable, look cool and are different without calling a ton of attention to themselves. The other thing I should mention is that the fabrics are really good quality, I’ve been really impressed with how they feel and wear. The pricing is J.Crew-ish which for the design and quality ends up feeling like a steal. I’m thrilled I only have to go as far as New York to fill my suitcase instead of all the way to Europe. Fingers crossed they will also start shipping to the US too. I guess I won’t be able to say nonchalantly anymore, “Oh this ol’ thing…I got it when I was in Paris.”

Cos is coming to America!

ps: their pajama/casual line is amazing as is their kids line and Paul’s favorite slim-cut suit is from there too.

4 Awesome Australian Brands

Hello from Australia! I’ve been having such a great trip, this place is amazing. I just wanted to pop in real quick and share a few of my favorite Australian Brands. There are so many good ones but here are a couple I’ve been inspired by this trip. Have a great weekend!

Australian Brands | Oh Happy Day!


1. Pink Melon Dress from Gorman  2.Rainbow Garland by Poppies for Grace 3. Surfboards by Sibella Court and McTavish | 4. Pillowcases by Bonnie and Neil

Clothes to Party In No. 7

by Alison Piepmeyer

Ever since I heard about Diner en Blanc, I’ve been wanting to plan a similar party of my own. But, it would be fun to add a twist to the festivities and make everyone wear shades of gold (perfect for the upcoming holiday season.) Here’s what my outfit would look like… what about you?

Clothes to Party In No. 7 | Oh Happy Day!

A. Leopard Foldover Clutch | B. Humdinger Collar | C. Vintage Updo | D. Sequin Cutout Mini Dress | E. Color Hit Nail Polish | F. Metallic D’Orsay Flat

Clothes to Party In No. 6

by Alison Piepmeyer

After a cold summer, San Francisco is finally starting to warm up. And that means it’s Pop Up Dinner Party season! Over the next few weeks, I’m really looking forward to celebrating outdoors. And I’ve picked out a few things that will help me celebrate in style. What are you adding to your wardrobe this fall?

Clothes to Party In No. 6 | Oh Happy Day!

A. Alexa Fedora | B. Bowtie Loafers | C. Geometric Nails |D. Small Leather Satchel | E. Leather Sleeve Top |F. Necklace No. 11