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Clothes to Party In No. 11

Spring is here! To celebrate, picnic season this week I’ve been wearing all of my colorful dresses. I’m planning on sitting outside and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine all weekend! Here are a few clothing items I’ve had my eye on for the new season. I just love all the springtime colors, don’t you?

Clothes to Party In No. 11 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Hepcat Shades | 2. Roan Necklace | 3. Watermelon Seeds Sweater | 4. Print & Shine Bobbi Set | 5. Nail Color | 6. Eyeball Print Card Holder | 7. Derby Oxfords | 8. Eyes to the Sun Pants

Clothes to Party In No. 10

I mentioned them before but I’ve been using the website Chippmunk for my online shopping. It’s a savings search engine. Basically, they rank online coupons and deals so that you can see how much you’ll save at each store. When I’m shopping I see which of my favorite stores are having sales. Or, if I find a piece I love, I can search Chippmunk to find coupons that apply to that purchase. It’s awesome! Here are my favorites I’ve been eyeing this week.

Clothes to Party In No. 10 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Polka Dot Necklace | 2. Suede Booties | 3. Blue Dress| 4. All Purpose Makeup Stick  | 5. Clutch | 6. Stacking Rings | 7. Heart Scarf

This post is brought to you by Chippmunk: compare deals at the stores you love and see where you save the most!

Clothes to Party In No. 9

 by Alison Piepmeyer

January is always such a bummer . After the excitement of the holidays, it’s always hard to transition back into a normal routine. So this year, I’m planning to keep the celebration going with a mid-month black-and-white party. There’s only one rule: guests can’t wear any color. Here are a few awesome pieces to get an outfit started!

Clothes to Party In No. 9 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Great Shapes Necklace | 2. Frankie Pump in Colorblock | 3. Houndstooth Coat (on sale now!) | 4. Chevron Checker Hat | 5. Girl Talk Bobbi Set | 6. Girlie Bow | 7. Mix Scale Spot Shirt | 8. Split-Circle Rings

Golden Tote Christmas Gifts

I just got my December Golden Tote and I think this service is genius. I tried out their site a few months ago while I was in a clothing rut and fell in love with the whole process. You know that panic stricken feeling you get when you realize you have a bunch of things to go to and you don’t have a ton of options to wear? That happened last week and all of a sudden my Golden Tote showed up (true story!) Basically, you pick out a few clothing items from their site and fill out a style profile, Golden Tote will send them the items they picked along with a few surprise pieces chosen by a stylist. I picked out this white sweater and a cute vest, but the stylists also sent me a pretty dress and some perfect sweaters that I’ve already worn a ton. This would make such a great gift for my sister or a friend!

Golden Tote as Christmas Gifts! | Oh Happy Day!Golden Tote as Christmas Gifts! | Oh Happy Day!

This post is sponsored by Golden Tote: a surprise shopping spree bundled up in a cute, canvas tote bag and delivered to your door.

Three Party Dresses

It’s party dress time. My calendar is full over the next few weeks with just about every holiday party possible so now I have to figure what to wear. I’ve been using an awesome new website called Chippmunk to find the best deals. Basically, it’s a search engine just for online coupons. I put in my shopping budget, and it shows me how I can save money at the stores where I’d normally shop. I love that every code is verified so there aren’t any expired coupons on the site. And there are a ton of retailers that offer exclusive coupons just for Chippmunk. It’s really made shopping online during the holidays so much easier. All of the dresses below were found on sites with Chippmunk deals!

Oh Happy DayOh Happy DayOh HAppy Day

Gold Dress | Gold Bracelet | Black Flats | Black Dress | Treat Toppers | Silver Shoes | Red Necklace | Red Dress

This post is sponsored by Chippmunk.