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Mother’s Day Breakfast + Free Printable

Mother’s Day is on Sunday (so soon!) here is a sweet little way to personalize the breakfast in bed ritual. It’s a free printable pdf that allows you to put little notes and memories on flags and stick it in the breakfast food. It’s very easy to do (just add glue and toothpicks!) so kids can do this. See the instructions below.

Materials: Printable PDF, toothpicks, glue and tape.

Step One: Print out pdf and cut out the shapes.

Step Two: Fill out the blank tags and glue or tape them to toothpicks to make little flags and signs.

Step Three: Surprise Mom with Breakfast in Bed!

Just right click on the image below to download.

Envelope Surprise DIY

This is a project for a campaign I’m doing with Yahoo! Mail on keeping in touch with family and friends. This idea can be used for anyone that is having a special day but is perfect for when you want to do something for someone that lives far away (Mother’s Day anyone?) The idea is to get some envelopes and get friends and family to “sponsor” each envelope. In each envelope is a an email and some sort of special treat or poem or drawing. Kind of like a birthday or Mother’s Day advent Calendar. For example I would write a little lovenote to my friend and then include a certificate to take her to lemonade that day. So the person can open one everyday to get a sweet note and surprise!

What I love about this is you don’t have to do anything expensive, just take the person for a treat or write them a poem. The other thing I love is that it is pretty easy to do. Just have people email notes or artwork then all you have to do is print them out and tuck them in the envelope. It’s a generous and thoughtful gesture that doesn’t take a lot of time or money.

Materials Needed:

-Envelopes in several colors we used A6 from Paper Source
-2 Packages of Vinyl Letters in Helvetica. Get these from any art store
-Double Sided Tape to hang the envelopes
-Emails and Gift Certificates from every person (this part takes the longest to round up, so start on this early.)

Step 1. Contact friends and family about the project and ask if they want to contribute. Give them a deadline.

Step 2. Place the numbers on each envelope. They are self adhesive so its easy!

Step 3. Print out emails and surprises and place them in the envelope. (You may need to go pick up a few gift certificates in person around town.)

Step 4. Hang all the envelopes up somewhere the person will see it everyday with double sided tape. Then surprise them with it on the first day and show them how it works.

This would be great for someone just graduating from high school or college. Notes of support or fun things getting them through the last days of finals. It would work great for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. For a Coworker (would definitely brighten up someone’s work space.)

A special thanks to Aubrey Trinnaman for the beautiful photos and to Alexis Birkmeyer for pulling together the details and being our lovely model (plus, isn’t her hair amazing!)

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

DIY: Fringey Monogram

Today’s post is by the talented Michaela of Blissful Fetes. This idea is so versatile and would work great with letters or numbers.

Hi readers of Oh Happy Day! I’ve been following Jordan’s blog for years and I feel so very honored and excited to be sharing this DIY project with your here today. The idea is based on Jordan’s fringey streamers – I planned to use them as decor for my daughter’s 2nd birthday parties and was looking for other decor elements to match. I’m usually all about the cute, small details, but this time I decided to go for a big impact.

Here’s what you need:

- crepe paper sheets (I used 5 full sheets for this one)
- painter’s tape or masking tape
- scissors
- paper glue
- chalk or pencil to draw the outlines
- an empty wall, preferably not covered with delicate wallpaper

Start by sketching the outlines of the number or letter onto the wall. I used brown chalk that will come off easily. A pencil would work, too – just test it before.

Cut the crepe paper into strips just like you’d do for the fringey streamers – only a bit wider. Cut into it from both sides as shown in Jordan’s tutorial.

Open the crepe strip and fold it in half as shown below, leaving the lower side slightly longer than the top one. Now you can start sticking it onto the wall, into the sketched shape. Start with the very bottom of the shape. Attach it with pieces of painter’s tape – these will come off very easily when you take the decor down (to make sure, also test this before).

Around the corners, cut off overlapping parts of the crepe paper to fit the sketched shape. Layer strip after strip using the same technique.

Instead of using tape, you need to attach the top crepe paper strips with paper glue, in order to end up with a neat shape. You probably don’t want to stick the glue directly onto your wall, so stick a row of tape underneath following the outline of the sketch. Then simply attach a strip of paper to it as shown in the picture.

Layer strips to fill the entire shape, change the color of paper as often as you like. A rainbow colored number might look great! Remember to always start from the bottom corner.

This is not a super quick project, but soon enough you’re done! This 5″10 tall number 2 took me about 1.5 hours including the time to take the pictures for this tutorial.

The leftover sheets you can cut into confetti. The crepe paper makes it very light and fluttery.
Ella loved the confetti mess in the living room!

All photos by Michaela for Oh Happy Day

DIY Party: Confetti Egg Game

This post is by my friend Rebecca Wright who will now be doing a column on Oh Happy Day. She throws some of my favorite parties I’ve ever been to like: her bicycle wedding, her bus birthday party, and her film festival birthday party. I’m so happy to have her here.

I love parties that involve surprises. And crowd participation. So, just in time for Easter festivities, we decided to throw a party with confetti eggs (which are a little surprise in and of themselves) with a little twist – one golden winner!

DIY Party: Glitter Confetti Eggs

Confetti eggs (aka Cascarones) are like mini pinatas for your head. Traditionally, hollowed out eggs are broken over the head of a friend, showering them with confetti….and supposedly good luck (but definitely confetti).

We decided to shake things up in our hunt this year by turning it into more of a game. You still fill most of the eggs with confetti (or birdseed, or, in our case, Fruity Pebbles since they still look like confetti but I don’t feel as bad about leaving them in the park for birds to nibble). But – one of the eggs in the batch is filled with gold glitter, and whoever ends up with the head full of glitter gets an awesome prize (besides all the good luck they have coming to them).

Party Rules

* Hide your confetti eggs as you would normal eggs, and let your friends go hunting for them.

* Once everyone has collected the eggs (or as the eggs are found – your choice), the *kindly* smashing upon heads begins.

* No throwing eggs! Proper egg-smashing etiquette requires your hand to come in contact with the other person’s head so that you aren’t hitting anyone too hard or poking anyone’s eyes out.

* The lucky winner who gets the glitter egg smashed on their head goes home with the grand prize of the day. I’m always a fan of large quantities of fine chocolate, but you can get creative with what the prize will be.

Variations: If you’re really feeling feisty (and don’t mind a messier activity), I think it would be fun to leave a few eggs raw, just to keep things interesting (and provide some real motivation for running from the egg smashers coming toward you). Or, really shake it up and try things like jello filled eggs, or powdered sugar filled eggs, or whatever you’ve dreamed of dumping on someone’s head.

How to Make Confetti Eggs:

Materials Needed
Raw eggs
Egg dye (we used good ol’ vinegar and food coloring)
Confetti (or birdseed, fruity pebbles, or your filler of choice)
Gold Glitter
Tissue paper (we used a round 1″ punch to make our tissue paper perfectly sized)


Step by Step:

1. Using your sewing pin, poke a single, small hole at the top an egg.
2. Open up a larger hole at the bottom of the larger part of an egg.
3. If your yolk is too large, sometimes it helps to use a toothpick or something to stir the yolk up and make it more liquid
4. Let the egg drain out of the larger hole into a bowl, blowing the residue out through the small pin hole in the top of the egg if you need to encourage the yolk out a little more quickly.

5. Rinse the egg shell (you can add a little bleach to get rid of the egg smell) and allow it to dry.
6. Use dye to color the eggshell (you’ll have to fill the hollow shell with dye to make it stay submerged); allow to dry thoroughly.

7. Fill the egg about halfway with confetti (or whatever you decide to put inside). Use a funnel if needed.
8. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger in size than the egg’s hole. Glue the paper to the edges of the hole.

9. Voila. Your eggs are filled. You are ready to party.

Have fun out there, kids. May confetti-filled eggs make all your dreams come true.

All photos by Robyn Kessler for Oh Happy Day.

This post is by my friend Rebecca Wright. She also has an awesome vintage etsy shop called Animal Head Vintage. The great photos were taken by Robyn Kessler of Verité Photography who is a fantastic Bay Area photographer.

DIY Paper Flower Corsages

I love Brittany’s work and love her blog House That Lars Built. You may remember her beautiful wedding on 100 Layer Cake with the amazing giant paper flowers. Well, I asled her if she would put together some DIY’s for us and was thrilled when she agreed.

Hello from Copenhagen! I’m a major Oh Happy Day fan so I’m most happy and honored to start sharing some ideas with you. I got married in September and with the help of my dream team–mom and sister–we crafted huge paper flowers galore, which I shared on a tutorial for 100 Layer Cake. The day of my wedding we completely forgot to put to use the darling boutonnieres that my mom had made for the guys. Oh the cuteness that could have been! Well, here they are for you. I’ve adapted them to act as a pin for the ladies here, but you can adjust them for the guys too by making them smaller. They’ll be (a bit) more appreciative.

* good artist’s paper works best for paper flowers in a variety of colors. Green for leaves. (Canson has a great selection)
* glue gun
* pencil
* scissors
* ruler
* plain brooch pin from a craft or jewelry shop

The base of the petal is 1/2″ and expands to 2 3/4″ tall and reaches to 2 1/4″ wide. Draw the shape like a shell and cut it out
cut a slit into the base about a 1/2″
create an accordion fold in the petal centered around the slit
layer one slit on top of the other and glue gun
create 6 more petals
glue gun 3 petals on top of each other spread evenly around to create a circle
glue the remaining 4 petals even underneath
Create the stamen of the flower (the black and yellow centers) by cutting a 1 1/2″ diameter for the black and a 1″ for the yellow.
Cut evenly around the center to create a fringe effect
carefully curl the fringe up.
Glue the black and yellow into the center of the flower
Create a 2″ leaf from the green paper
Glue around the base of the flower
Glue a brooch pin to the bottom of the flower

Create a lemon looking shape about 2″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall. You’ll need about 11 petals
Start by creating the center of the rose. Make a tube shape with one petal and glue together.
Squeeze the ends of another petal and surround and glue to the center
repeat on the other side of the center as if hugging the center petal.
Continue adding 5 more petals around the center with each layer becoming looser.
Now with the 3 remaining petals curl the base of the petal with a pencil and glue it to the bottom of the flower so that the curled part comes out at the top.
Repeat 2 more times
Add green leaves to the bottom of the flower
Glue the brooch pin to the bottom of the flower
and you’re done!
Easy beazy!

Photos by Brittany for Oh Happy Day