DIY projects

Ready to get your craft on? Here you’ll find my favorite do it yourself projects and party ideas. If you are searching for something specific try the search box on the right or see my list of categories at the bottom of the page.

Flower Garlands

I blogged about these last year but I thought I would pull them out of the ol’ archives for another look. These flowers are ingeniously made out of paper bags. My favorite source for paper items is Paper Mart which sells colored paper bags in bulk.

Screen Printing Made to Look Easy

If I ever get around to it, I’m going to turn this half finished laundry sketch into a big silkscreened poster.

Now I just have to buy all the stuff needed, build my screens, and follow the instructions listed here very carefully. Thanks Barry’s Farm!

(I wish Gocco could print poster sized…)

Add jojo to your photo

So twice a week I get an email newsletter called Photojojo. This thing has consistently been filled with interesting and unique ways to do more with photos. From taking better pictures in the first place, to coming up with useful ways to use them. But you can’t get it until you sign up.

Scalloped Plates

I got my new Martha in the mail this weekend. One idea I thought was cute was this paper plate idea. It might be a pain if you were doing a lot but it adds some personality to a basic paper plate. The instructions from the magazine: First, cut around the circumference of a plate with scallop scissors. Then use a variety of punches to make a pattern. (No need to measure — just fire away!) If you like, slip a colored plate underneath a white one (or try the reverse) to highlight the design.

Your Heart Out

Emily Cox sent me a link to Your Heart Out, a new blog about loving Salt Lake City. They have some good stuff. Right now I’m mostly excited about their link on making paper snowflakes and their 30 gifts under $30 guide. Check it out.

{Update: I just read the bio page and I’m pretty sure one of the authors was in one of my English classes in college.}