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Livia Cetti

Livia Cetti has a really lovely portfolio. I love this image.

photography by Gemma Comas styled by Livia Cetti.


Sometime a few months ago we were talking about art and Paul asked what kind of paintings I would paint if I had painting skills. (Like if I had spent years and years perfecting my craft.) I started to describe the kinds of things I would paint and pretty soon we decided to collaborate on a series of paintings. I art direct a photo and Paul paints it. This little piece is just a little taste of what is to come.

Frosting, 5″x7″, oil on panel, available at the Studio Gallery SF

Flower Polaroids

I fell into Jen Gotch’s flickr stream again the other day. I am so inspired by all the flower Polaroids. If you haven’t seen them or even seen them for a while they are worth another peek.

John Derian

I’ve been a fan of John Derian for a really long time though I’ve never bought any of his pricier pieces. I did pick up a few of these postcards the other day though. Any of these framed and matted nicely would make great affordable art. (They are only $1.50 each.)

Lyndie Dourthe

My friend Kendra sent me the link to Lyndie Dourthe’s work. It’s breathtaking. This has got to be the most inspiring thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time.