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Gorman is an Australian brand that makes colorful and fun clothing. (If you follow my instagram then you know I’m a huge Gorman fan, they make all of my favorite dresses.) I was introduced to them last year and my husband jokes I should have a direct deposit to them because that’s where I spend all my money anyway. I love that their stuff is so different and they have great prints and cuts. They recently launched a line of homegoods and it’s so good I can’t believe it. How amazing is that eye plate? The shipping from Australia is totally fast and not too expensive. If you are shopping for clothes make sure you get the right size in Australian sizing (this sizing chart was accurate for me.) They also have amazing sales. I follow them on Facebook and Instagram and get great deals on their dresses.) Have you ever heard of Gorman?



1. Fruit Bowl | 2. Hexagon Pillow | 3. Clove Soap | 4. Eye Platter | 5. Pillowcases | 6. Sheet Set | 7. Jug | 8. Mugs

This post is sponsored by Gorman. One of my favorite companies in the world.

Flamingo Inspiration

I’m obsessed with flamingos. There’s something so magical about these pretty pink birds! Here are a few ways I’ve found to include more flamingos in my life.  Which ones would you try? (PS -A Flamingo Baby Shower!)

Flamingo Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1. Party Lights | 2. Pattern | 3. Candle | 4. Invitations | 5. Cookie | 6. Cake Toppers | 7. Straws

Lowe’s Deck the Halls: The Bathroom

Earlier this month, I shared photos from the bedroom I decorated for Lowe’s Deck the Hall event in New York City. For that same event, I also designed a guest bathroom which turned out so great!

When I found out I was designing the bathroom, I knew right away that I wanted to add floor-to-ceiling subway tile (with dark grout.) It makes the room feel clean and simple, but has such a powerful impact. Then, I knew I wanted to bring in lots of chrome details. There’s just something so fresh about chrome in the bathroom. I’m especially obsessed with these chrome lights I found on Lowe’s website! I love that you wouldn’t normally expect to find them over a bathroom mirror. Storage in the bathroom is a big deal for me, so I made sure to incorporate lots of baskets to for towels and toiletries. Finally, I added in pops of red through berry branches and bead garlands. Overall, the room was a success – and it makes me want to start renovating my new bathroom as soon as possible! Thanks again to Ashley Norton who helped me pull everything together on the day of the event.

Lowe's Deck the Halls: The BathroomLowe's Deck the Halls: The Bathroom

Make sure you check out the photos and details about the bedroom I designed for Lowe’s here. Otherwise, if you’re interest in recreating this bathroom look, here are all the elements we picked up from Lowe’s:

Lowe's Deck the Halls: The Bathroom | Oh Happy Day!

A. Toilet Paper Holder | B. Pinewood Bead Chain | C. Wall Mounted Lamp with Metal Shade | D. Chrome Towel Bar | E. Wicker Basket | F. Bathroom Mirror | G. Floorstanding Shelf | H. Bathroom Sink Faucet

Photos by Patrick Schneider 


Lowe’s Deck The Halls: The Bedroom

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to partner with Lowe’s for their Deck the Halls event in New York City. The Lowe’s team was amazing and built an entire home in a Manhattan studio in a matter of hours. Then, they invited 7 different designers to showcase their holiday decorating ideas in each room. I was so honored to be included! It was so fun seeing my design for the guest suite come to life.

In the bedroom, I knew I wanted to go dark. So we painted everything (moulding, shelving, baseboards) with chalkboard paint. Not only is the color of the chalkboard paint beautiful – it also allows for writing fun holiday messages right onto the walls. These dark walls made the crisp white bed linens, simple red Christmas decorations, and DIY artwork to pop in the room. One of my favorite elements was the plant wall we created using terracotta pots and greenery from Lowe’s. It brought so much life into the room! Then, we styled the room with accent furniture from Lowe’s and lots of vintage details. I have to give a shout out to Ashley Norton who came on the day of the event and helped me pull all the little details together.

Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom | Oh Happy Day!Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom | Oh Happy Day!Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom

I’ll be sharing all the bathroom details in a few days. But, if you’re interested in getting a similar look in your home for the holidays, here are the supplies we got from Lowe’s:

Lowe's Deck The Halls: The Bedroom | Oh Happy Day!

A. Oak Accent Chair | B. Black Chalkboard Paint | C. Square End Table | D. Pinewood Bead Chain | E. White Ceramic Vase | F. Black Arm Wall Sconce | G. Rectangular Console and Sofa Table | H. White Side Chair

Photos by Patrick Schneider 

Crafting Community 2013

A few weeks ago we attended Crafting Community at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It is hard for me to explain how special this event was. After two days of crafting, swimming, and playing, my kids were asking to never leave. The Ace Hotel is great for kids, but the Crafting Community team took it to a whole new level. Every detail of the weekend was executed beautifully, so that we didn’t have to worry about anything except for having more fun. From sunscreen and kids toiletries in our hotel rooms to healthy snacks for the kids nonstop throughout the day, these guys thought of everything. When we first arrived the boys discovered hundreds and hundreds of little Matchbox cars on the sidewalk. They had drawn a giant city out of chalk for the kids to race the cars on. It was little kid heaven! They also had hula hoops and colorful bouncy balls everywhere.

The crafting sessions were the focus of the event and they did not disappoint. The craft room was filled with so many beautiful, colorful supplies. So much thought and work went into each table, it was really impressive. Each project was led by awesome designers like Confetti System, Clare Vivier, and Kid Made Modern. At one point Moses was making a wallet out of duct tape and I realized the guy helping him was the designer Todd Oldham! After crafting we would head over to the pool for a bit and then eat before we would start all over again.

One special element of the event is that it really feels like a community. Each family’s photo is printed in the year book with their names and their family “theme song.” Since the event is over a few days we had a chance to have encounters with several new families and ended up making new friends. I can’t think of a vacation environment that fosters that kind of experience the same way. In the evenings there were lots of activities like Bingo, gourmet ice cream sandwiches, photobooths, button making, nightime movies in the pool, and a desert disco (a giant dance party!) The caliber of the activities and the quality and detail that went into everything was over the top. For example at the dance they played everyone’s family theme songs!

The icing on the cake was the canvas gift totes they gave us when we arrived. This bag didn’t have one thing that wasn’t beautiful or useful. Seriously, I am really picky about what I bring home since my apartment is so small and I brought back everything. Some of the items included: custom coloring and activity book, lots of art supplies from the Kid Made Modern line at Target, a pair of Converse (in each child’s size that they could custom color!), some Naef wooden blocks, a Target gift card, and snacks from Whole Foods.

The whole weekend I kept looking around and thinking, “Yes! Finally someone got it right!” Paul and I kept comparing the trip to a weekend at Disneyland and this was a million times better for parents and kids. We all made new friends, the kids were entertained, delighted and given a chance to do creative activities. The food was excellent, if anyone ever needed a nap we were 2 minutes from our hotel room. And on top of that we all had fun. I cannot vouch for this event enough. In fact I’m already planning on going back next year.

Crafting-Community1Crafting-Community2Crafting CommunityCrafting-Community3Crafting-Community4Crafting-Community5

This post is sponsored by Crafting Community: creating immersive design experiences where families can play, grow and be together. But they didn’t ask me to vouch for it. Seriously, it was awesome.

Photos by Paul Ferney