Happy Weekend

Now that Roman is pretty much recovered and The Commission Project is done (we dropped off the paintings to be mailed this morning) we can actually focus on the Holidays. I’m still trying to figure out how I can make a big impact on Christmas morning but not buy anything we have to put in storage or take with us to France. Any ideas?

What are you doing this weekend? Here are pictures of Roman from this week when he was feeling like his old self. It’s crazy to compare where he was 2 weeks ago to now. ps Babble links below

I also write for Here are my posts from this week.

These are hilarious (Look at the froggy’s face.)
I kind of want to get one of these for Moses, Could I make one myself?
New Martha Stewart Crafting Furniture. Now you can have a craft room that looks like Martha’s.
I’ve been obsessed with these since last year. I want some for my boys.
These are the best “quiet toys”. I use them on the plane or at church and they totally work.
Best “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament I’ve ever seen.

Laying Low

Roman had his cleft palate surgery last Thursday so I’m laying low for a few days. The surgery went well but he is sad and needs lots of cuddling. Sad babies break my heart.

Be back soon.

New Face

I realized this morning I hadn’t ever posted pictures of Roman post-surgery. This picture is from 10 days after his operation. The surgery went well and it is kind of amazing how fast he healed. We love his new little face.

Also, in case you missed it, here are some “before pictures” and here is the post when we found out he would be born with a cleft.

Roman’s Big Day

Today is the day of Roman’s cleft lip repair surgery. Aubrey Trinnaman came over yesterday and took some pictures of him before his little face gets changed forever. I love Aubrey and for the record I think she is a genius.

We love this little guy so much. See you on the flip side.

And here is one of Moses with his new haircut.

Photos of Roman by Aubrey Trinnaman, Photo of Moses by Paul Ferney (using this camera, and this technique courtesy Jonathan Canlas.)

Some Big News for Us

A few weeks ago when we went in for the mid-pregnancy ultrasound we were told the heartbreaking news that our baby would be born with a cleft lip and palate. It was devastating to us, mostly because we didn’t know anything about it. As common as complications in pregnancy are, anything other than a healthy pregnancy is shocking and very stressful. The good news is after some tests the doctors believe it to be an isolated issue, meaning hopefully everything else will be healthy. I got in touch with a few people who have been through this and they were very helpful and informative, reassuring us that while the first year will be very challenging with feeding issues, and surgeries–that for the most part by about one year of age their lives had returned to “normal” and they have beautiful happy babies.

It is overwhelming when I think about what this sweet little baby is going to have to go through but we have come to terms with it and are very hopeful that things will turn out ok. We are now doing our best to prepare for the happy arrival of our new baby boy.

photo of Moses by Aubrey Trinnaman