Miette Classes

I just saw that Miette, the lovely little bakery and candy store, is now offering cake and cookie decorating classes. I really want to take the cookie decorating class! Soon after I finished college and was in “the working world” I took a letterpress class. I was so excited about all the new things I had learned, I wouldn’t shut-up about it. It made me realize how happy I am when I’m learning new things. I try to take at least three or four new classes a year. What about you? Are you taking any good classes this summer?

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ps: Speaking of classes one spot just opened up in my June letterpress class. The deadline is today so email me if you are interested.


Paul and I share an art studio on Valencia Street here in San Francisco. I recently sold one of my presses so I spruced up my letterpress corner. It is much more cozy and comfortable to work here now. (Don’t forget to sign up for letterpress classes. Saturday’s class deadline is today, two more spots! go here for more information.)

Letterpress Classes

Just a reminder, there are three spots left in my letterpress class on May 8th in San Francisco. The design deadline has been extended until Monday, May 3rd. Please email me to sign up. More information here. The next one isn’t until the end of May, get ‘em while they are hot.

Three Letterpress Bits

1. Studio Share – We are looking for someone to share our letterpress studio. Rent our Vandercook 4 and 500 square foot studio on Valencia Street in San Francisco on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is perfect for someone who is looking to print professionally but does not want to buy a press or procure a full-time studio.Go here for more information.

2. Letterpress Classes – There are still spots in the May, June, and July letterpress classes. You get 250 business cards and tuition is cheaper than if you ordered custom business cards yourself! Go here for more information.

3. Printing – I am taking printing jobs right now. I usually only print 2-3 jobs per month. For a quote email me a picture of your design (if possible) and specs. What size? How many? How many colors? and Timeline. Email me at

Letterpress Classes are Back!

I am teaching my letterpress business card classes at my studio here in San Francisco again. The classes are $125 and you get 250 business cards with your tuition. You can choose from the cards here (new designs added!) or submit your own design. Go here for all the information.

Dates of Classes
1. Saturday, April 17th 10am-2pm* (open) design deadline is April 7th
2. Saturday, May 8th 10am-2pm* (open) design deadline is April 28th
3. Saturday, June 19th 10am-2pm* (open) design deadline June 9th