Oh Happy Day Classes: Calligraphy

The Copperplate Calligraphy class is part of our the series of classes going on in our studio in San Francisco while we are away in France. The class is taught by Melissa Titone. I’ve taken a few different classes from Melissa and she is so talented, very patient, and down to earth. Copperplate is the gorgeous style of calligraphy that you usually see on wedding invitations. There are only a couple spots left so act quickly if you are interested. Go here for more information and to sign up.

photos from Martha

Oh Happy Day Classes: Screenprinting

This week I’m going to continue feature some of the Oh Happy Day classes coming up. All these classes take place in our art studios in San Francisco. I’ve lined up some of the most talented people I know to teach some of my favorite subjects.

The first is Andy Kane’s Screenprinting Class. Andy is the one who taught me to screenprint and he is an excellent teacher. He covers everything from making your press to how to print. When you leave you’ll know how to screenprint everything from T-shirts to Posters. Takeaways for the class include: a screen, a printed tote bag, and an indepth booklet. And once you’ve taken his class you’ll have access to his private site where you’ll be able to look up the answer to any question you can muster.

Andy is teaching a class on March 5th and March 6th in San Francisco. I know the classes are about half full and will likely fill up. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn screen printing now is your chance! Go here to sign up.

Oh Happy Day Classes

I’m so excited to announce a series of classes that will take place in our art studio here in San Francisco while we are in France. We have a fantastic lineup. I only put in classes that I am dying to take myself. Class sizes are limited so don’t wait to sign up.

Jonathan Canlas will be teaching a class on Holgas and a class on how to use instant pack film. (Which seriously takes the raddest photos.)

Andy Kane will be teaching his screenprinting class. By the time you are done you will be able to screenprint: tshirts, tote bags, and posters.

Alexis Birkmeyer will be teaching a beginners bookbinding class where you make a journal out of a vintage book. (These make the BEST presents.)

Melissa Titone
will teach a four week intensive Copperplate Calligraphy class. That is the pretty kind of calligraphy used on wedding invitations.

Meg Mateo Ilasco will teach a class on how to get a book published. Meg has published several books and will teach how to put together a book proposal and how to pitch it.

Jordan Ferney (that’s me) will teach a letterpress business card class where you print your own business cards! (I’m flying back for a commitment that week so I’ll be able to teach.)

Letterpress Classes

I’ve really enjoyed teaching letterpress classes the last two years. If things go as planned and we get our French visas in a few weeks (fingers crossed) then I’ll be on hiatus for 2011. So October and November is the last chance to print your own business cards. You can either choose your a design from one of these or else submit your own design and we print them all together. They are one color/one sided and usually printed in a gray or a very dark blue (the class votes). You get 250 business cards. The class is $125/student and the price includes all supplies. Email me to sign up

1. Saturday, October 23rd (3 spots) design deadline: Oct 13th
2. Saturday, November 13th (2 spots) design deadline: Nov 3rd

Fall Letterpress Classes Announced

Today I’m announcing the Fall Letterpress Classes. For those of you not familiar with the class you either send in a design yourself or choose one of the designs right here a week before the class and we make a plate. Then the day of the class you get to print 250 of your own letterpress cards. The class is in San Francisco and costs $125. Email me to sign up: More information about the class here. Below are two designs from previous students.

1. Saturday, September 18th (open) design deadline: Sept 8th
2. Saturday, October 23rd (open) design deadline: Oct 13th
3. Saturday, November 13th (open) design deadline: Nov 3rd