Summer Party Supplies

At the beginning of each new season, I love adding a fresh stash of supplies to my party closet. Here are a few summery items I’ve been eyeing. What’s on your party wishlist?

Supplies for my Party Closet | Oh Happy Day!

A. Zebra Balloon | B. Paper Plates | C. Flamingo Candles | D. Invites | E. Goodie Bags | F. Straws | G. Cake Toppers

Jumbo Popsicle Garland

by Kathleen Ballos

I love it when decorations are affordable, super quick, and make big impact and this popsicle garland definitely fits the bill. In case you don’t recognize them, the popsicles are made of chopped up pool noodles! They come in so many different colors that you can make your garland popsicles whatever “flavors” you like – and how about making real popsicles to match your color scheme? And don’t forget to make a giant popsicle piñata!

Jumbo Popsicle Garland | Oh Happy Day!Jumbo Popsicle Garland | Oh Happy Day!Jumbo Popsicle Garland | Oh Happy Day!

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Felt Birthday Banner DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Do you know the cooking show Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee? I think sometimes crafting should be like that. I’m happy to cut out garlands for hours, but ask me to cut out felt letters and I might sigh loudly. This banner is really easy to make by purchasing pre-cut letters – and they come in all sorts of amazing colors. Using felt is great because there is no need to hem the edges, and gluing the letters on (instead of sewing) saves time too.

Felt Birthday Banner DIY | Oh Happy Day!Felt Birthday Banner DIY | Oh Happy Day!Felt Birthday Banner DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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DIY Message Candle Centerpieces

by Michaela Egger

In my work as event designer, almost every dinner table setting is competed with candles. Votives, candlesticks, little lanterns, etc – there’s always the warm glow of candle light in one form or another because every single client loves the intimate, festive atmosphere candles create. So, why not use candles as the only centerpieces? This DIY will let you make a big statement with your table settings – in no time at all. Let your centerpiece “greet” your guests, spell out your table numbers or whatever else comes to your mind! I’ve provided three different printable templates – black & white, shades from yellow to pink and colder hues in blues and greens. Feel free to mix and match!

DIY Message Candle Centerpieces | Oh Happy Day!DIY Message Candle Centerpieces | Oh Happy Day!

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An Animal Party

by Casey Baudoin

When you want a sweet theme for a child’s birthday party, you can’t go wrong with animals!  So many options.  Some of my favorites are little animals with birthday hats, pinatas, homemade animal masks, and classic animal books as party favors.

An Animal Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. cake  2. pinata  3. cups  4. invitations  5. drink stirrers  6. animal masks  7. gift display  8. book