Giant Spiral Flower Number DIY

by Danyelle Mathews

It’s easy to stress over decorations when planning a party. I sometimes let my mind get carried away and convince myself that EVERYTHING needs to be decorated when in reality, my favorite parties are simple, low stress events. This foam board number cut out that has been covered with spiral paper flowers will give your space a nice festive feel and won’t cause any undue stress when it’s time to decorate.

Spiral Flower Number DIY | Oh Happy Day!Spiral Flower Number DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Festive Garland Ideas

I love including garlands in my party decor. They help to tie everything together! Here are a few of my favorite garlands that we’ve made over the years. Have you tried making any?

Festive Garland Ideas | Oh Happy Day!

A. Giant Fringe Garland | B. Paper Dot Garland | C. Cotton Candy Garland | D. Clay Letter Garland | E. Paper Mobile | F. Floral Garland | G. Honeycomb Garland

Photobooth Ideas

Whenever I throw a big party, I always like to have a photobooth set up where my guest can have their photo taken as a way to remember the night. They always end up being so fun! Here are a few of my favorite ideas from over the years. Do you like having photobooths at your parties?

Photo Booth Ideas | Oh Happy Day!

Big Fringe Garland | Sequin Photobooth DIY | Baby Picture Photobooth | Printable Photobooth Props | Circle Photobooth | Floral Wreath Backdrop | Hot Air Balloon Photo Backdrop


Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Paper flowers, real flowers and air plants make up this beautiful bouquet by Michelle Edgemont.
2. I love these tissue bursts by A Subtle Revelry.
3. Awesome DIY party blowers on Julep.
4. These giant party candles are amazing (via Sugar & Cloth.)
5. Chloe Fleury‘s baby shower was so fun!

Party Hat Station DIY

by Danyelle Mathews

Party hats instantly make a special event feel more festive. Plus, kids love them. At your next shindig, wouldn’t it be fun to let the kids decorate their own? To make a party hat station download this party hat template and prepare a few hats before your guests arrive. Buy inexpensive and fun supplies like artificial flowers from the dollar store, pom poms, and googly eyes. Have glue handy for the kids to attach their desired adornments. Good ‘ol Elmer’s worked great for the pom poms and googly eyes. Hot glue is best for the artificial flowers. Choose a pretty satin ribbon that coordinates with all of the other supplies and enjoy seeing what your little guests create!

Party Hat Station | Oh Happy Day!Party Hat Station | Oh Happy Day!Party Hat Station DIY | Oh Happy Day

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