Derby Birthday Party

Check out the darling derby themed birthday party my friend Fergi did for her daughter Arden. At the end they brought in a pony for pony rides. I love this party because it is really thoughtful and cute but it doesn’t come off feeling contrived. Beautiful party Fergi!

Fergi turns Dirty Thirty

That’s right, another dinner party by the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t blame me if it looks redundant, the weather here is only warm for about six weeks so I’ve been packing in the outdoor parties. This time we did it on an old fishing pier. I always go there with my kids and I thought it would be a great place for a party because you can see all of San Francisco. One of my favorite friends Fergi came to town and it was her 30th birthday so we had to do it up right. Unfortunately the fickle San Francisco weather was not as cooperative as a few weeks ago and it was freeeeeeezing. Also, unfortunately we chose to do it the same day as the Blue Angels were performing (Fleet Week!) so there was traffic getting across the bridge and by the time we set up it was starting to get dark and I gave up on the cute decorations I had planned. C’est la vie.

The theme of the party was Sparkles! We told everyone to wear something sparkly or shiny. The table cloth was shiny gold and all the decorations (that never made it up) were sparkly gold.

The good news is that we also told everyone to dress warm and a chilly party in front of the Golden Gate Bridge is still better than a great party somewhere boring. It was really fun to cozy up in warm blankets and talk with old friends. Seriously, the view doesn’t get better than this. Happy Birthday Fergi, I’m so glad you were born.

Photos by Aubrey Trinnaman and Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

-We dined on potato leek soup, salad, gourmet mac and cheese and Kara’s Cupcakes for dessert.
-We held it on the old fishing pier on the Sausalito side.
-I didn’t get permission, there were other fishermen there with tables and chairs, I don’t think it is a big deal as long as the group is small.
-Liz and Aubrey helped with the food and Aubrey helped me set up and carried heavy buckets of rocks all the way down the pier.
-Huge thanks to Paul’s parents who babysat and made the soup (I wish they lived nearby!)

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Children’s Flower Birthday Party

I love this birthday party from photographer Natalie Norton (whose blog has had a lovely makeover). When I stop for a second and realize people live in Hawaii it makes me stop and wonder why all of us live anywhere else. All the styling and decor from the Etsy shop Pretty Swell.

Fame Retail

These advertisements by Fame are great, I love the simple, vintage design. Pastrami Jack’s has since closed but the posters are timeless!

Balloon Invitations

Love this helium balloon invitation from On Hand Modern. She says the helium didn’t stay in the water balloon for more than a few minutes but I think if you used these tiny balloons it might work–they last a couple hours. Long enough to deliver the invitation and get the right effect. I love this idea so much I wish I’d thought of it.

[A tip: use very thin thread when working with small balloons since even a normal sized string weighs them down.]

via You are my Fave