Fringey Streamers DIY

I was making party decorations for Roman’s party and ended up sort of inventing these little streamers. They might be my favorite thing ever right now–they are just so fringey and frilly! Plus they are a cinch to make. Here is how to do it.

Crepe Paper in sheets (not tissue paper, crepe paper has a stretch to it.)

Step 1: Cut off about a 2″-3″ section of crepe paper.
Step 2: Start on one side and cut fringe evenly spaced. Leave some space in the center.
Step 3. Turn it over and cut fringe on the other side, still not cutting too far into the center.
Step 4: Muss up the fringe on each side, separate the layers and scrunch it with your fingers.
Step 5. Et voila! Unroll and hang your fringey streamers and celebrate!

(I was wearing those stripey socks because I was cold but somehow they became the stars of the photos.)

Roman’s Party

We had a simple party for Roman. I made some hats and streamers for him over the weekend and then we got some eclairs from the bakery down the street. (They are so good!) We let Roman go to town and he ate the whole eclair! He never gets sweets so he was loving it! I’ll post instructions on how to make the streamers and hats later today.

Moses is 3!

Moses turned three yesterday! Between Paul finishing up the Commission Project and Roman’s surgery this isn’t the year for a fancy party. But I did manage to throw something together last minute. We had a few friends over, ordered some Delfina’s Pizza and Kara’s Cupcakes. Then I stopped by the toy store for presents and the party store for balloons and confetti cannons. I decorated his presents and the wall with Japanese tape. It was perfect.

Party in a Box

My friend Michelle is a really special person. She does nice things for me all the time (even when she is super pregnant.) I think she has made me a birthday cake the last three years in a row. On top of that she is nice to everyone. After I got married and I didn’t know a lot of people, she was the first person to be my friend.

So I made a birthday surprise for her. First I spray painted a box gold. (It looks like a regular ol’ box here but trust me its sparkly and shiny.) I taped her name on it so she would know it was for her. Then I filled it with lots of balloons, snuck into her building, set up a camera on a tripod, and doorbell ditched her. It’s a party in a box.

I like stuff like this that is pretty simple but a fun surprise. (I love a good surprise.)

Derby Birthday Party

Check out the darling derby themed birthday party my friend Fergi did for her daughter Arden. At the end they brought in a pony for pony rides. I love this party because it is really thoughtful and cute but it doesn’t come off feeling contrived. Beautiful party Fergi!