Best Of OHD 2011

2011 Year in Review | Oct-Dec

Here is the last post looking back at 2011. It is sort of therapeutic looking back through everything. I had a realization earlier this year. I was sitting on the floor of my apartment late at night listening to the radio while I was making a pinata, and I was so happy. I know making pinatas isn’t fulfilling for everyone but I was so happy because I was making things. I feel so grateful I’ve found what I love to do. Thank you for all your support in 2011! I’m beyond excited for 2012. (You can see all the 2011 Year in Review posts right here.)

Mini Masterpiece Favors

Paul launched his new painting site.

Giant Confetti DIY

Macaron Research in the Tuileries

Mini Pinata DIY

Caramel Apple Kit by Kimberley

Chocolate Letter Placecards

We featured this gorgeous Anniversary Party

Repackaged Candy Favors by Joke

Envelope Templates by Amanda

Free Photobooth Props Set

Glass Jar Typography

Alphabet Pasta Pie Topper by Chiara

DIY Floral Party Hats

Glittered Flatware DIY by Jenny

Two free printable Advent calendar designs here and here by Amanda

Watercolor Confetti by Joke

We shared the Watercolor wedding invitations we made.

A Progressive Dinner around Paris

Genius Candy Lights by Brittany

Mini Present Garland by Jenny

Free Holiday Photobooth Props

Falling Snowflake Garlands by Chiara

Sequin Photobooth DIY

2011 Year in Review | July-Sep

Here is the third part of the OHD Year in Review. Seeing these pictures make me want it to be summer right now. The picnics and swimming seem so far away from our scarves and heavy coats.

How to make Abstract Art

We sailed Greece with friends.

Paris Picnic Guide

I still mean this.

Polish Chandelier DIY

Visiting the Champ de Mars

How to make a Number Pinata

Easy Crepe Paper Garland

Make your own Picture Frame Cheap!

How to Make an Alligator Pinata

Tiny Tassels DIY

Hot Pepper Plant Favors

We were in GQ France

Riding Bikes in Paris

2011 Year in Review | APR-JUNE

May marked the 5th year anniversary of my blog and a big redesign by Erin Jang and programmed by Mark Allen, two very talented people. Another new thing for me was this year I’ve experimented with having contributors. I’m so lucky to have such talented people to work with. Here are some of my favorites from April through June.

Confetti Egg Game by Rebecca

Ombre Table Cloth by Brittany

Easter in Normandy

A Fringey Monogram by Michaela

A trip to see the tulip fields in Holland

An Envelope Surprise Project

Photobooth Props

The fun Anthology Article came out

Piles and piles of peonies

We shared pictures of our San Francisco apartment

A postcard project with Shanna Murray

And a Giant Polish Chandelier DIY.

Look for July through September tomorrow!

2011 Year in Review | Jan-March

Last January I was getting ready to move to Paris. It’s a little funny to remember how scared I was (as someone who doesn’t get anxiety easily.) Here is the first part in a 2011 review of Oh Happy Day I’m posting this week.

A New Year Fondue Party

My Favorite Places to Eat in San Francisco

A Heart on a Chain. Heart Bead DIY for Valentine’s Day

A Peek at Moses and Roman’s Closet

Learning how to shop at the Market in France

A Fringey Streamer DIY

Party Hats DIY including a template

A final report on Removable Wallpaper

We found our Paris Apartment

The coolest Carousel in the World

I found La Droguerie on accident and it is still one of my favorite Paris stores

How to get to the Paris Flea Market

How to Make Party Popper Invitations

How to Make a Leprechaun Disguise by Fergi

Rebecca and Derek’s awesome Bicycle Wedding

DIY Zig Zag Streamers

Onto April, May, and June tomorrow!