Marbled Books + Happy Weekend

It is probably a throwback from my bookbinding days but I LOVE marbled paper. It is gorgeous and handmade and exquisite. So it only makes sense that love the old/new books Laura has recovered and is selling in her Neapolitan store.

I just finished a project with marbled paper that I can’t wait to share next week. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

I also write for Here are my posts for this week.

I always buy these for my friends with new babies.
These custom calendars are gorgeous!
Trying to figure out how to recreate a version of these for my Christmas Tree.
These are Moses’ favorite toys.
This line of clothes is perfect, I want that sweatshirt for M.

Happy Weekend

I spent a good hour yesterday looking up airfares from Paris to different countries: (Copenhagen $120, Morocco $150, woohoo!) I have lots of plans to travel when we move to France because everything is so close. Anyone been anywhere off the beaten path that you loved? I like small non-touristy villages or cities with great vintage shopping I also love things like cool community events like a sky lantern festival (I heard there is one in Portugal.).

Also, has anyone ever had a large shipping crate shipped to the US before? I would love to bring home some of the furniture I find (and maybe a little Vespa and sidecar.) I’m curious as to cost and who to use.

I also write for Here are some of my favorite picks this week.

I know what Moses is getting for Christmas!
Restoration Hardware’s new line of holiday toys! Love.
Have you seen Dwell Studios new furniture line? I did a whole round up.
We found this hard-to-find fabric. (Plus that room is styled to perfection.)
Someone needs to buy that first sofa, stat. Jennifer DeLonge does it again.
I really need one of these, I just need someone to make a cheaper better looking knock off.

Happy Halloween

I don’t usually blog on the weekend but I wanted to get a Halloween post up. I hope everyone has a happy Halloween! We have four Halloween parties to go to this weekend. Today we dressed up as lumberjacks and we’re dressing tomorrow as French burglars. Anyone have any good costumes this year?

Here are my posts for this week.

This is for sure the coolest present ever, I want to make some for my kids.
Make bath time cleanup with this new affordable gadget.
Baby clothes that will break your heart.
What? Free People is starting a kids line?
Are you bored of cupcakes? I’m not bored of eating them.

ps: I love this New Yorker cover from last year, so brilliant!

Monday Monday

We had such a great weekend. It was rainy so for the most part we stayed indoors and worked on projects although we did get away for a bit at a fun Lobster bake at a friend’s house in Santa Cruz. Yum. Lobster.

I love Shanna Murray’s decals.

I write for and here are my posts this week.

The cutest rain gear for kids. (I love these umbrellas.)
The cutest Kate Spade hats and mittens (I want the Hi-5 pair.)
This map has a secret. Look closer!
The cutest trick or treat bag ever.
The new Dwell Crib bedding, oh my!

Greetings from Disneyland + Happy Weekend

I am on vacation at Disneyland with family and we are having an amazing time. We used to go to Disneyland a lot when we were kids so it feels like a rite of passage to take my own kids. Also, my in-laws are with us so Paul and I have had plenty of time to roam the park without kids (can we talk about how the single-rider passes are SO AWESOME, no lines!) Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with an exciting announcement.

I also write for here are my posts for this week.

My trick for getting expensive designer costumes for cheap. (these really are the cutest kid costumes out there, IMHO)
Super cute costumes from the Gap they can wear year round.
If I were having a Halloween party this year I would use these invitations.
In love with these paper garlands.
For sure the cutest Halloween favors out there.