Happy Weekend

We are having a little reprieve in the grey skies this weekend. It’s still chilly but at least the sun has come out. I’ve been buying the family cold weather gear this week. One thing about living in temperate San Francisco for so long is you forget how to dress for other weather. It sound silly but I have no idea how to dress for hot or cold climates. It’s like I can’t imagine any other weather than one where you need a light cardigan or light jacket. Ha! I hope you have a beautiful weekend wherever you are.

Photo from Paul Ferney’s instagram (which you should be following because he takes the prettiest pictures ever.)

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10 Party dresses under $40! (yea Target!)
The coolest kid rooms.
These wall paintings are amazing. Dying over the moons.
Did you know I have a thing for twin beds? Something about the symmetry.

Happy Weekend

The weather in Paris went from “crisp” to “cold” overnight. My good friend Michelle flew back home this morning. She is the last visitor that we had on the calendar for this year so it really does feel like the seasons changed overnight. One fun thing about coming here is a lot of my friends have come to visit without their significant other. It has been great to spend so much one on one time with them since that is harder to do these days with work and kids and life.

I wanted to share two links that are important to me this week. Please check them out and help if you can: One and Two. Have a Happy Weekend.

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The new Target Designer was confirmed! Yippee!
If we ever own a house I’m having one of these. (Really!)
The best last minute  Halloween Costumes.
I want pretty much everything from Furbish! Those pillows!


Happy Weekend

In January I’m going to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. Alt is basically like summer camp for design bloggers. It is a chance for everyone to get together and meet in real life. Plus it is so inspiring. You’ll go away wanting to conquer the world and with some real knowledge, contacts, and tools to do it. I’m going to be speaking on a panel and maybe help planning a party or two. I’m so excited! Today is the last day you can get your early bird registration fee rate. And a ps: don’t delay in booking a hotel room. They all fill up far in advance. Even if you are considering it book a room and then you can always cancel it if you don’t come. But you should come! It’s going to be fantastic.

I hope you have a happy weekend! One of my besties from San Francisco is flying in this weekend and I can’t wait to take her all over Paris. We’re thinking about trying to sneak into a fashion show. I’m dying over the backstage pictures from Rubi’s blog.

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I dug through the most tedious site ever to find the best removable wallpaper!
These are my top 10 favorite kid things from Ikea. What am I missing?
I love the Zara kids lookbook! You can now order online in the US!
This is pretty much how I want to dress this fall.
Really sweet growth charts.


Happy Weekend!

Change is hard and scary sometimes but it is usually worth it. I was just mentioning to Paul how happy I was that we decided to move to Paris. We’ve met so many interesting people with good hearts. There really is no substitution for the awesome things that come by putting yourself out of your comfort zone. I’m feeling really really lucky this week. Lots of fun things going on this weekend here: a picnic in the garden of the Louvre with church, a jaunt up to Versailles to check out this amazing event (Paul says I’m not allowed to buy any carousels–he knows me too well), and a couple small dinner parties. Anything fun going on in your neck of the woods? Happy Weekend!

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The best costumes for babies. (Seriously, the sushi one by my friend Brooke is genius.)

Have you seen the Stella McCartney for Kids line? It is ah-mazing.

This jewelry is my favorite.

A new Home Goods site from the folks at Fawn & Forest

The most beautiful crib and baby swing. Ever.

This is my favorite kids line and their new stuff is perfect.

Happy Weekend!

Hip hip hooray, it’s Friday! I had such a great day. I went shopping in the Marais this morning and then bought some pretty roses from my favorite flower shop. This afternoon I had a quick photoshoot at my apartment and this evening I went out for tacos at Candeleria with my new photographer friend Valerie followed by a nice long walk around the streets of Paris talking. Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  I’m having brunch then hitting a little flea market in my neighborhood with a friend plus I’m hoping to tackle a few new crafting projects. I hope you have a happy weekend. (ps: Babble links below!)

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Missoni for Target, Missoni for Target! Who got one of the coveted throw blankets?

Yowza! JCrew launched a new clothing line called Wallace & Barnes.

Speaking of J.Crew did you see their first Ready to Wear runway collection?

I love Talbots (I know, my mom shops there too) Holiday Collection.

The best superhero costumes ever.

Watercolor prints from Etsy.

Ballet flats for babies!