Happy Weekend

This photo has been in my brain since Emily posted it last Friday. I hope your weekend still feels summery and involves sparkly lights.

I also write for Here are my posts for this week.

Is your baby a stylish dresser? Then they’ll need a pair of these. (In gold!)
I didn’t know I could fall in love with a toy like this. I fell hard and fast.
These are the cheapest custom wood toys I’ve ever seen.
Ready or not here comes Fall. Check out my Fall Sweater Roundup.
Best wooden toy your kid will actually play with.

(photo by: Jimena Roquero Weddings)


The Ribbonerie is on my list of must-sees for people when visiting San Francisco, of course just if you like an entire store choc full of exquisite, lovely, and vintage ribbons. I snapped this photo with my phone when I was in there this week. So pretty. Owning a ribbon shop is the kind of thing I’d like to do when I grow old.

Have a good weekend and if you like check out the Babble posts I wrote this week, there are some real gems.

Have you seen these opposite masks? I want!
The best (or rather most useful) present we got we didn’t know we needed.
The cutest mobile from Etsy I’ve ever seen. Clouds!
The best affordable art for a kids room.
These puppets are cute and crazy cheap.

Sparkly Party Lights

I love me some good party lights. They really make it don’t they? San Francisco really starts to warm up the next month or two so I’m excited to plan loads and loads of outdoor parties. Photo by Nicole Christensen via The Coterie.

I also write for Babble and here are my 5 kid posts this week.

Got a favorite photo? Put it on this lunchbox.
Sometimes simple really is better.
This lunchbox and cockroaches will survive Armageddon.
I want this for crafting supplies. I love The Little Prince.
This owl pack is the cutest thing ever.

This Week on Babble

The cutest onesies ever from a cute company in Brooklyn.
Pretty Liberty of London crib bedding from Target.
Finger Puppet Set (What other quiet toys do you use?)
Straw Construction Toy from MOMA–Love this! You can play, then use it!
JCrew’s New Shoe Shop has the cutest kid shoes I’ve ever seen.

This Week in Babble

Here are my Babble Posts last week.

My favorite Ikea paper goods (get ‘em while their hot.)
The new Martha Stewart blog on Kids and Family Living.
This giant (but spendy) handmade book.
I have an unhealthy obsession with these felt letters
Fort Building toy. I love this.