Painted Words as Art DIY

This post is part of a series on how to make your own affordable art. See my abstract art DIY right here and my potato prints DIY right over here.

While we are in our semi temporary digs here we needed to get art on our walls. I brought home a cheap frame and mat from the art store and then made a little piece of art to fit the frame.  I love the book The Little Prince. In fact I gave Paul a copy while we were dating that we still have. The phrase “Dessine-moi un mouton” comes from that book. It means “Draw me a sheep” and if you are familiar with the book its alluding to the idea of staying childlike and “seeing with the heart.” We had it on our wall in San Francisco so we decided to make one for our Paris apartment too. Obviously you could use whatever phrase you wanted or that had meaning to you. This DIY is so easy I’m almost embarrassed to call it a DIY. Really, it took 5 minutes from start to finish.

Materials Needed: Frame and Mat, small paintbrush, acrylic paint, 2-3 pieces of nice paper, scrap paper

Step One: Think about the design. Figure out how big you want you art to be (consider the size of the mat board opening.) When thinking about the design make sure it has enough “white space” so it doesn’t look to crowded.

Step Two: Get some paint and put a little on a palette (a plastic plate works great for this.) Then using your paint brush mix in water so it’s viscosity is closer to liquid than paste.

Step Three: On the scrap paper practice painting the phrase until you find something you like. I find my handwriting is too “cutesy” for this kind of stuff so I usually have Paul write it.

Step Four: Paint the phrase on the nice piece of paper. Let it dry (or use a hairdryer if you are impatient like me) and then pop it in your frame. Et Voila!

ps: My friends Aubrey and Charlotte gave me the pretty paper flower hanging on it. She found at the flea market. It’s so pretty, I love it.

The Commission Project

Most of you know my husband is an oil painter. Last year we started The Commission Project as a way to make art a little more accessible. We’ve decided to offer it again this year. If you don’t know about it here is how it works. First, you purchase a painting right here for $240. That price includes a 5×7 commissioned painting, with a frame (you choose the color), and includes the price of shipping. Next you email the photo you’d like painted to Paul for approval. Last, you sit tight next to your mailbox and early December you’ll receive your painting. All paintings will be shipped by December 1st, just in time for the Holidays! These paintings usually sell for $450 in a gallery, by offering it like this we are able to cut the usual costs so you get an excellent deal on an original piece of art. Space is very limited and last year we sold out in just a few days so if you are thinking about it don’t wait!

Go here for more information and

Go here to purchase.

photo credits: baby photo: Black Eiffel / car photo: Eleanor Jones / sparkly shoes photo: Oh Joy

Horse Print Available for a Short Time!

My studio manager is moving so she has been cleaning out the art studio in San Francisco before we rent it out. I had totally forgotten we had these horse prints. I took an image from Paul’s sketchbook and had them screenprinted, we were going to sell them as part of a bigger project but I got busy and the whole thing was put on the back burner. So we are putting them up for sale today but there are a few limitations. There are only 75 prints available and you have to order them before 8am PST on Friday before they sell out or get packed up forever. So if you want one get them quick right over here!

Leah Rosenberg

How amazing are these art pieces by Leah Rosenberg? Leah is a San Francisco artist that works a lot with color and playful topics. (I wrote about her show here.) I am especially in love with these confetti pieces (constructed from paint!) I would love to own one of these some day.


Thanks to Tess from Myrna May for the first photo and for telling me about Leah!

Polaroids into Large Art

I’ve been picking out art for our apartment so while I was back in San Francisco I grabbed some old polaroid pictures that Paul took a few years ago. These were taken on the Salt Flats and in Nevada on that long stretch of lonely road between San Francisco and Salt Lake City. I especially love the ones from the Salt Flats, its such a beautiful place. I’m going to scan them in and then have them printed very large scale. It could be pretty cool right? When you blow something up like that you lose detail but I think thats perfect for polaroid. I’ll of course show pictures when it is completed.

ps If you haven’t seen this short video my brother made from them take looksie, its still one of my favorite things.