Leah Rosenberg

How amazing are these art pieces by Leah Rosenberg? Leah is a San Francisco artist that works a lot with color and playful topics. (I wrote about her show here.) I am especially in love with these confetti pieces (constructed from paint!) I would love to own one of these some day.


Thanks to Tess from Myrna May for the first photo and for telling me about Leah!

Polaroids into Large Art

I’ve been picking out art for our apartment so while I was back in San Francisco I grabbed some old polaroid pictures that Paul took a few years ago. These were taken on the Salt Flats and in Nevada on that long stretch of lonely road between San Francisco and Salt Lake City. I especially love the ones from the Salt Flats, its such a beautiful place. I’m going to scan them in and then have them printed very large scale. It could be pretty cool right? When you blow something up like that you lose detail but I think thats perfect for polaroid. I’ll of course show pictures when it is completed.

ps If you haven’t seen this short video my brother made from them take looksie, its still one of my favorite things.


Ok. A new favorite ABC poster by Tim Fishlock.

via It’s Nice That

Font I Want

I dare somebody to buy this font for me. Or else if you already have it, give it to me for free. I saw some sweet invitations made with this and I’ve wanted it ever since. I looked at a couple free font websites but I can’t find anything similiar enough. Neutra Face Font by House Industries. $249 bucks.