Letterpress Business Card Class

I’m happy to announce I’ll be teaching a series of beginning letterpress classes in September and November in San Francisco. I used to teach these classes regularly but took a break when we moved to Paris. We’ve brought them back by popular demand! I’ve organized the classes by date and by ink color (everyone in the class prints the same color ink.)  The class teaches the basics of printing with photopolymer plates on a Vandercook letterpress. Each student submits their own design or chooses from one of our templates and gets to print 250 of their very own letterpress business cards. It is a really fun relaxing class (there are only 8 students!) and snacks will be provided. I hope to see you guys there! Sign up here. Also, just FYI this is probably the last time I’ll offer this in a while.

ps: I’m even doing one special watercolor /letterpress class where students will watercolor and print their own business cards.

September 14th | AM: GREY | PM: PINK
September 15th | AM: NAVY | PM: NAVY
September 21st | AM: GREEN | PM: GREY
September 22nd | WATERCOLOR + GREY INK
November 2nd | AM: PINK | PM: NAVY
November 3rd | AM: RED | PM: GREY
November 16 | AM: NAVY | PM: GREEN
November 17 | AM: GREY | PM: PINK

Letterpress Class Cards

Oh Happy Day Letterpress Classes

The Commission Project Holiday 2013

The Commission Project is launching today for the holiday season! The Commission Project is an affordable way to get a commissioned painting for your family. We do this around the holidays because it makes the perfect gift. The way it works is you purchase a commission right here and choose a frame color, next send a photo by September 9th to for approval, then wait by your mailbox for your painting. All paintings will be shipped framed and ready to hang no later than December 1st. You can check out more sample pictures and see more information right here.

This is the fourth year but it all started out because Paul would get so many inquiries in commissioned paintings. But because of all the time spent going back and forth the price ended up being more than people could pay. We started thinking about it and realized if we could streamline all the details like size and frame type then we could offer a commissioned painting at half it’s normal cost. And that is how the Commission Project was born. This usually sells out quickly so act soon!

The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day Studio

We rented our studio on Valencia Street almost five years ago! It has been so great to host letterpress classes and craft nights but one problem with it is it doesn’t get enough natural light to shoot in so we’ve always had to go off site for photo shoots. I have a lot of big projects coming up and I finally decided to look for a real space just for Oh Happy Day. Where we can make things, keep our desks and do shoots. I’m dreaming of a place like The Nine Studios (maybe a tad smaller) with lots of light and where we can continue hosting events and craft nights. Know of any amazing warehouse spaces with lots of windows in San Francisco?


photo from The Nine Studios

The Beach

Hey Internet! If you are in the Bay Area I wanted to tell you about the art show where Paul is showing his recent works. The opening reception is this Friday, July 12, 2013 from 6pm-9pm at Incline Gallery 766 Valencia St, San Francisco. The pieces are mostly large scale modern beach paintings. I took a peek at them in the studio yesterday and I’m so excited for everyone to see them. The reception will have drinks and hors d’oeuvres and we’ll be there to meet everyone. The show will also be open that weekend July 13 & 14 from 11am to 6pm. Please stop by if you are around!

RSS Feed

If you’re like me, you’ve been dreading this week for months. Starting Monday, Google Reader is done. Meaning, we all have to migrate to a new platform. I finally decided to switch to Feedly, and was super surprised at how easy the transition was. They’ve made it super-easy to transfer my whole blog roll over in a few quick clicks. For the most part, the functionality is the same – even though it looks a little different. What about you? Are you a Google Reader user? What platform will you be using now? And, if you’re on Feedly, you can sign up for Oh Happy Day right here!

photo by Paul Ferney