New Email

So the email on my blog has been one big mess for a long time. I don’t want to bore you with the details but I’ve waited way too long to fix the problem. So if you’ve ever emailed me and never got a response it was because it went to my spam account or else I read it when I was busy and then it got buried by more emails. I opened my spam box on accident tonight and saw a bunch of emails I never would have seen. Please email me again at my new email address in the right hand column–I promise to write back.


image via One Good Bumblebee

Three big things

First, We are moving to a new studio! That is why I have been so busy lately, with the help of friends we’ve been renovating the space. We are moving above the new Paxton Gate children’s store in the Mission. The space is gigantic, it has wood floors and natural light. I’m very excited because we’ll be able to do so many great projects there including art shows and offering painting, letterpress and photography classes!

Second, Paul has been working as an art director for almost four years now, and has officially quit his job to paint full-time. He loves his job and is really good at it so it is especially brave of him to leave it in light of the economy. He has worked really hard to get to a place where he could do this and I could not be prouder.

Third and last, My baby turns one on Sunday. This last year is easily the best one of my life. Happy Birthday Moses!

Pretty Little Things Club

There are a few PLT Club Memberships left in my Etsy Shop. Here is a picture of November’s item. Club members look out for your next item soon, December’s Pretty Little Thing will be mailed out this week!

For those not familiar with this, here is how it works. First you buy a subscription to the PLT Club right here. Then every month I will send you a pretty little thing–just for you. What kind of items you ask? I’m not telling…it is a surprise. But I promise they will be cool {and also very pretty and little.} 12 month subscriptions are available for $100. The subscriptions will all begin January 2009.


I’m liquidating a lot of the loot in my storage room. There is a lot of good stuff and I have to face the fact that I live in the city and can’t afford the space or money to be a packrat. I took my friend down there the other day and she said that she wanted to be buried there because of all the goodies like boxes of ribbons and wrapping paper and furniture. I took that as a hint I need to sell off some of my stuff since no one should want to be buried in a basement. So here is round one of stuff on Craigslist in case any of you locals are interested.

Wallpapered Armoire

Room and Board Velvet Chairs (new!-only used for 3 months)
Marble Letterpress Work table (this is heavy and in Santa Rosa)
Pottery Barn Metal Bed

{Most of these I tried to sell before but didn’t want to give them up for too little–this time I’m selling them for dirt cheap.}


Thank you for the great response to Stuck Labels! I’ve been busy filling all the orders! We also put a lot more label styles up yesterday go here to check them out. And there will be more to come!