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Advent Calendar Ideas

Yesterday, I realized we are halfway through November. If you are going to do a little advent calendar this is the time to order the supplies to be ready for December 1. Here are the advent calendar ideas we’ve done in the past. We have a tradition of doing a little Christmas-y activity for each day before Christmas. Things like go ice skating or hang mistletoe or make spiced cider. So the advent calendar is a big deal in our house. Find the instructions and supply lists below. (I think the mini tree one is my favorite.)

Advent Calendar Ideas | Oh Happy Day!

Here’s what you need:

1. Mini Tree Advent Calendar – 25 Mini Pine Trees, 25 2″ Brown BoxesFree Downloadable TemplateQuick Dry Tacky Glue, Scissors
2. Chalkboard Advent Calendar – Chalkboard Spray Paint25 2″ Boxes, Chalk, Ribbon
3. Advent Calendar Iron On – Iron-On Transfer Paper6″x4″ Cotton Muslin Bags, Iron, Printer
4. Printable Advent Calendar – Printable
5. Holiday Box Advent Calendar – 24 3×3″ Boxes (bigger is alright if you don’t mind a border), Tape, Scissors, Printout
6. Giant Advent Calendar – 1.25″ White Wool Felt Numbers, 3″ Wool Felt Circles, 2 yards printed Christmas tree fabric from Ikea, Thread, Sewing Needle, Scissors and Two 62″ Wooden Dowels

And if you need ideas for objects to put in your calendar, here are a bunch of things that I like to include.

What to Put in an Advent Calendar

When we do advent calendars we have a tradition of doing an activity every day as a countdown to Christmas. I also like to put in a piece of candy or stickers, or a small toy. Here are some of my go-to toys to stick in an advent calendar. They are small so they can fit in a little box and most are very inexpensive. These also work great as stocking stuffers. I place an order of these kinds of toys a few times a year. I’m always happy to have them around for last minute surprises. What are your favorite small gifts for kids?

1.Flashing Reindeer Nose 2. Finger Flashlights 3. Flashing Light Bulbs Necklace 4. Monster Finger Puppets 5. Fake Mustaches 6. Wooden Cars 7. Snappers 8. Party Poppers 9. Micro Cubebot

Chalkboard Advent Calendar DIY

Here is another advent calendar. This one involves little boxes and chalkboard paint plus a little tree to hang them on. This is super easy and inexpensive to make. You can make the whole thing in about an hour. See more of our advent calendar ideas right here.

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Giant Advent Calendar DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

When I saw this giant printed Christmas tree fabric at Ikea, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it – a giant advent calendar. Despite being a little large and unwieldy, it was pretty easy to make, especially once I found an Etsy shop that sells felt numbers pre-cut specifically for advent calendars (who knew?!). The same seller has a wide variety of 3″ felt circles so you could make a rainbow version, an all blue and green version, or an traditional red, green and white version if the spirit moved you.
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Mini Tree Advent Calendar + Free Template

It’s advent calendar time! Anyone who has read this site knows I love advent calendars. In our family we print out a list of Christmas related activities and put one in each box with a little toy or candy. Some activities are big, like “go see the Nutcracker” or “Sit on Santa’s lap” but others are simple, like: “Drink Spiced Cider” or “Hang Mistle Toe.” I started doing this as a way to avoid missing Christmas. Sometimes it gets so busy that we forget to do the things that make us love the Holidays in the first place. This helps me make time for the fun traditions and my children love it. (Check out our other advent calendars here.)

This might be my favorite advent yet. All you need is the free downloadable template and glue to make this little forest come to life.

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