Oct 17

Wrapped Drink Bottles

by Joke Vande Gaer

I absolutely fell in love with this wine packaging and it inspired me to wrap small drink bottles for my son Oliver’s upcoming birthday party. It’s the perfect way to add some color to the table and it’s so easy to do! While trying out a few bottles I realized rice paper works a little bit better than tissue paper. It’s a little stronger so when you twist the paper around the bottle it won’t tear as fast. I decorated the paper with three different techniques: markers, bingo dots, and paint rollers. Which one is your favorite?

Wrapped Drink Bottles | Oh Happy Day!Wrapped Drink Bottles | Oh Happy Day!Wrapped Drink Bottles | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 23

Party Supply Invitation DIY

by Joke Vande Gaer

My children and I are party supply hoarders. We just can’t pass on some cute flags, a bag of confetti or, honestly, anything in the party supply isle. For my son’s birthday I thought it would be fun to send some of our favorite party supplies along with an invitation. It sets the mood to party!

Party Supply Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!Party Supply Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!Party Supply Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Mar 15

Stamped Envelope Liners

by Joke Vande Gaer

If you have ever lined 200 envelopes, you know it’s a tough and boring job. But, an envelope that looks pretty inside and outside makes everything more fun. Stamping the insides of your envelopes is super quick and you can make them all look a little different.

And, if you are not sending it through the mail, you should stamp up the outside too!

Materials needed: stamp pads, envelopes, tape and a stamp.

Step 1: tape off the area of the envelope you don’t want to stamp (leave the glue line stamp free)
Step 2: start stamping the first color – don’t think too much of where you place it, the more color you add, the more it will come together.
Step 3: add more and more color

If you happen to have a white stamp pad, I’m sure a black envelope with white dots will look stunning!

Feb 9

Stamped Party Cups

by Joke Vande Gaer

I hardly ever seem to find cute paper cups. Cute straws mostly save the day and are luckily available in lots of places. Stamping some plain white cups is my new favorite thing to do. Plus, a stamp makes it easy to make the whole party pretty with a certain theme: stamped invites, bunting, cake toppers…

Materials needed: plain paper cups, your choice of colored stamp pads and a simple stamp shape (you can even make your own with a potato stamp)

Step One: Test your stamp out on a piece of paper.
Step Two: Insert a cup into the cup you are stamping, this way you can put your hand inside the cup while stamping.
Step Three: Stamp away!

I’m loving the black and white for a grown up party! Vegetable stamps might be fun for kids to work with, no?


Jan 11

Stamped Party Favors DIY

by Joke Vande Gaer

My son Oliver turned 3 this year and I had no idea turning 3 is such a big thing for kids that age! He was telling every single person how he was going to be a big boy now. I just had to incorporate the number 3 on his birthday, so had a little stamp made for him. We used the stamp for his invitations, thank you cards, cake toppers and the party favors (which was my favorite project). I repackaged candy, stamped each one individually and made a goody box for every kid. Oliver loved his new age displayed everywhere.

Materials needed: tissue paper, candy, a stamp (you can find number stamps in most craft stores, you don’t need to have a custom one made), a stamp pad, boxes to fill with candy, some string and a little notecard.

Step One: Wrap your candy in tissue paper (2 sheets works best)
Step Two: Stamp each repackaged candy (test the stamp out a few times on some paper)
Step Three: Stuff some tissue paper on the bottom of your box

Step Four: Fill the boxes with candy
Step Five: Attach your note to a string and wrap it around the box

I picked stamping because I was convinced we could do his party projects together, but that didn’t really happen. He just wanted to play with the stamp in his notebook and wasn’t interested to help with the rest. Maybe he’s a little too young for it? Would your child like to help with this?