Mar 8

DIY CMYK Lanterns

by Jenny Batt

March is a big birthday month for us and my husband, is having his birthday this weekend. Instead of a traditional dude birthday, I wanted something bright. I was refilling my printer ink and noticed how cool the CMYK colors really are together.  I’m also a bit of a design nerd, so a little light bulb went off in my head.  I’ve wanted to make something with tissue squares ever since I found them at the craft store, so I grabbed some of my white lanterns and started gluing. This is something you can do in mere moments and is a great way to customize your party.

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Feb 16

DIY Confetti Tablecloth

by Jenny Batt

I have confetti on the brain.  I can’t help it. It is just so fun and makes me smile. Another one of my favorite things? Vintage tablecloths. I had a great thrift store that used to get the best and brightest mid-century styles, but I think someone else caught on and now it’s all dried up. I still keep checking weekly, but for now I will just settle on making my own.  I have two boys, so tablecloths are both heaven sent and a necessity.  Now, since I can buy plain white tablecloths, my supply will be unlimited.  Let the fun begin!

You will need: a tablecloth (Target has nice thick white ones), craft paint, circle punch, cardstock, freezer paper, tape and a paint brush.

Wash and dry your tablecloth. While you are doing this, clear a space larger than the size of the tablecloth on a hard floor and tape lengths of freezer paper shiny side up. Overlap the edges a little. I popped my tablecloth right from the dryer down, eliminating any ironing. Win! Tape each corner of the tablecloth down, no need to be perfect,  it just needs to stay put while painting.

Cut your cardstock into four pieces. Punch the center out of each card with your circle punch, I used a 2.75 inch punch.  Make a bunch of these, you will go through about 4 for each color, depending on how careful you are.

Start painting, one color at a time.  I used a different plate for each color. For each dot, place your template down and hold with one hand.  Take your brush and work from the paper, like a stencil and paint your dot.  It’s pretty fast, but be careful not to get the brush under the dot.  If anything goes wonky, just carefully paint the edge smooth, and start with a new card, easy peasy.  Go to town and think “scattered” like confetti!

I had to add more colors after dinner time.  This really goes fast, and is an easy way to update an existing tablecloth.  I plan on making more confetti tablecloths from home decor fabric and old floral ones that need some love.

Just add cake and turn every day into a celebration.


Jan 19

DIY Surprise Lantern

by Hank + Hunt

I was organizing my party box the other day, looking over my assortment to plan the decorations for my sis-n-law’s baby shower next month. I noticed a few of my paper lanterns had a few tears in them.  I didn’t want to just throw them away, and since I am still crazy about fringe, I decided to cover them with the stuff. They reminded me of little round pinatas and it got me thinking…what if I filled that little hole on the bottom?  We’d have a refillable pinata, that’s what! Fill. Pull. Party. Repeat.

Materials Needed: small paper lanterns, crepe paper sheets, scissors, double stick tape, twine and freezer paper.

Cut 4-6 strips of crepe paper, 1.5 inches wide.  Cut the fringe on one side, about every .25 inch, don’t go all the way through, leave a small whole strip to keep the fringe attached together.

Insert the wire form to open your lantern.  Put strips of tape around the bottom  of the lantern, like rays of light from the bottom.  Make them pretty long, and cover the whole lantern, top to bottom, for quicker results. I figured this out after I did one and it was much easier.

Unwrap the fringed strips and start wrapping from the bottom around. Be sure to press the strip down firmly to secure it to the lantern (and to ensure the tape is adhered well.)  Work your way around the lantern in a spiral, adding tape or more strips as needed, until you reach the top. Add a piece of tape to the end to finish. Fluff the fringe a bit, and you have one spunky little lantern.

Take a 4- 5 inch square piece of freezer paper and cut a circle.  Tape a piece of twine to the dull side.  Cut two slits on opposite sides of the circle, this will allow the circle to sit flat in the lantern around the wire form.  Insert the circle, twine side down, through the bottom of the lantern.  Flatten with a wooden spoon from the top.  You just want to make sure there are no big open holes where the “plug” doesn’t sit flush so the confetti will stay in.

If you have any extra fringed pieces left, cut them up for confetti and add store bought confetti for sparkle. Fill your lantern with a good sized handful.

Hang. Pull. Party. Repeat. I did a few test runs with these and they really do work great.  No one will feel left out because you can just refill these babies and pull again! What trouble you could get into with these. Hide a prize in a whole cluster and have your guest’s pick which one has the prize? We already know Ms. A is expecting a boy, but wouldn’t this have been fun with an all white lantern and pink or blue confetti to do a gender reveal?  Fun!  Someone has got to do that and send me the pictures with the looks of surprise on their faces!

Dec 13

DIY Mini Present Garland

by Hank + Hunt

Happy Holidays! Here is a little retro garland for your holiday fete. I’m head over heels for anything vintage at Christmas, and recently swooned over some very kitchy, very vintage, mini present garlands on Etsy,  in not so awesome metallic wrap.  Then, I saw some dangling from fishing line, swathed in very not-my-kind-of-Christmas-y fabric at a local shop.  Our holiday decor at home is more candy shop than tannenbaum, and I really wanted something with brighter colors.  I’ve been looking for more ways to use crepe paper ever since Jordan opened my eyes to the availability of entire sheets of the lovely stuff and decided to use it to wrap the mini boxes for the garland.  I did manage to wrangle up some of that silver thread that the vintage ones seemed to be wrapped with.

You will need: crepe paper folds, cereal box or raisin boxes (empty), scissors, Glue Dots, embroidery thread or thin metallic ribbon (here’s a Seattle based source), and scissors. Optional: scoring board, paper cutter.

Step 1: Cut down each side of the empty cereal box. Cut into strips about 1 – 1.5″ wide. This is most easily done with a paper cutter.

Step 2: Cut each strip into one 4″ length and one 5.5″ length. Either folding carefully, or using a scoring board to help, fold each strip as follows:  for the 4″ strip: fold at 1″, 1.5″, 2.5″, & 3″/for the 5 ” strip: fold at 1.5″, 2″, 3 .5″, & 4″ Fold the strip so the printed side is on the inside of the mock box. Once you have folded the strips, attach a glue dot to the top side (cardboard side) of one end and over lap the panels, forming a box. Alternatively, you could just use small empty match or raisin boxes.

Step 3. Take your crepe paper, still folded from the package, and using your box as a guide, cut a strip wider than the box. Next, use a Glue Dot to adhere the crepe paper strip to the box and wrap around a few times, until the color is solid.  If you are using a printed box, like the raisin box, it will take a few more wraps to cover the print.   Wrap your box like a present, using Glue Dots to secure each end. It doesn’t have to be perfect, think kitchy.



Lay out your packages as you would like to hang them. Cut a strip of thread or ribbon the length of garland you will need. I cut a five foot length for my 14 packages, since it was for my mini tree.  Tie a hoop on one end and thread the long end through the back of the package, under the string it is wrapped with. Tie a knot.  Continue down the line, working with the long end of the garland string, tying knots as you go and spacing them about 3-4 inches apart. You could also just attach an ornament hook to the back and hang willy-nilly for an even simpler treat.  I might have to makea bunch for a wreath!

We are having our first real Christmas party this weekend and I have two mini trees that I will be using on my buffet that were in need of some love. These little packages all tied up with string, might be one of my favorite things. Perfect for my mini trees.

Nov 17

DIY Glittered Flatware

by Jenny Batt

With the holiday season comes festivities.  My mom always told me…never show up to a holiday shindig without a tiny thank you for your host or hostess. So, I have been thinking and I dreamed this little diy up. Seriously, I had a dream and in it I was creating this diy. Painting, photographing, wrapping…I know it sounds corny, but it went a little something like this…

Materials Needed: wood flatware , glitter paint (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Antique Silver-The secret to this whole project is the glitter paint. Unlike regular glitter the glitter paint doesn’t get glitter everywhere and when dry the glitter doesn’t come off on your fingers! Really!!), and a paint brush. To wrap these lovelies for gifting: wood berry box, 2 sheets of parchment paper, wire twine  and pinking shears.

Use a sheet of wax paper or freezer paper to cover your table before you paint. Start with one layer of paint on the bottom of the handle. Let dry for 10-15 mins and add another layer. Repeat until you have 3 or 4 layers, depending on the amount of coverage you would like. I painted both sides of the flatware. I let each side dry overnight before I started wrapping them.  I also used wood cups, so I could give a matching set for a party throwing pal.

I wanted something simple to wrap them in that could easily be reused by the recipient. These wood berry baskets were perfect and can double as storage for these glittered babies until they get used.  For the filler, take one sheet of parchment paper and fold it into fourths lightly, don’t press your creases. Cut 1/2 inch strips with pinking shears. I used a full sheet to fill the basket. Sort the cutlery by placesetting.  Cut four 1″ wide strips of the second sheet of parchment paper.  Cut each strip in half and wrap each placesetting.  Tie with ribbon or wire.

Place the wrapped sets in the filled berry box.  Cut a four inch wide strip of parchment paper and wrap the berry basket. Tie with decorative ribbon, I got the silver leaf garland ribbon here. Make a bunch all at the same time (save on dry time) and give as gifts to your next dinner party or just give them to sparkle loving friends. It’s guaranteed to brighten that next batch of leftovers they have to bring to work.