Jun 3

Party to Pretty – Book Club

by Emmadime

As you guys can see, the Parties to Pretties column looks a tiny bit different. This week’s book club is all about fresh colors & bringing the intellectual side out of you! Enjoy.

Photo Found on : Almalus Place / 01. Pen Case / 02. Eames Style Chair / 03. Notebook / 04. Glass Water Bottle / 05. Angela’s Book / 06. Father Rabbit Candle / 07. Ridley Tee  |  Steven Alen / 08. Made to Measure Bracelet  |  ModCloth / 09. Platforms  |  Chloe / 10. Polka Dot Scarf / 11. Vintage Frames


May 29

Parties to Pretties – Treat Yourself

by Emmadime

Hosting a girls night in that focuses on beauty can not only be good for you but also fun & inspiring. Everyone has their own products that they love to pamper themselves with so why not get together with your friends and swap beauty secrets! I am always up for learning about new facial scrubs or a great nail color!! Get super girly with it & treat yourself!!

Photo By : H & L Metz / 01. Polka Dot Cups / 02. Cucumber Water / 03. Sea Salt Soap / 04. Bralette / 05. Natural Skin Care / 06. 100 Calorie Chocolate Bar / 07. Retro Hair Dryer / 08. NARS Nail Polish





May 21

Parties to Pretties – Dinner in the Sand

by Emmadime

Being that Jordan is back in California and I have been spending loads of time at the beach, an ocean side meal felt appropriate for this week’s Parties to Pretties! Toting your dinner and table setting out to the beach is such a unique experience – if you’re near the coast, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Don’t forget some comfy pillows to sit on & a scarf to keep you warm after the sun goes down.



Images From : Sitting In A Tree / 01. Geo Pillow / 02. Wine Punt Glass / 03. Bronze Lantern / 04. Marimekko Bowl / 05. Patterned Scarf / 06. Two Toned Wooden Spreaders

May 14

Parties to Pretties – Fade Away

by Emmadime

This tablecloth blew my color loving mind – what a dramatic piece that drives the entire mood of the room! I couldn’t help but indulge in the ombre goodness. I am very tempted to try dip-dying on my own on a smaller scale – Maybe napkins!



Photos By : Idha Lindhag / 01. Gem Stone Set / 02. Yellow Pillow / 03. Ombre Tumbler / 04. Ghost Bar Stool / 05. Pink Serving Spoons / 06. Bowl Set / 07. Vintage Mint Lamp

May 7

Parties to Pretties – Early Morning Brunch

by Emmadime

Starting your day off right is pretty important so why not do it with tasty food and friends. Brunch is always a good idea – especially if it’s casual, calm, & simple. I recently attended a brunch hosted by Kinfolk Magazine and experienced exactly this. I thought I would share what the aesthetic was like at this particular gathering. Enjoy.

Photos by : Laura Dart via Kinfolk Magazine / 01. Eames Chair / 02. Burlap Bag / 03. Whiskey Bottle Holster / 04. Antelope Pronghorn / 05. Chalkboard Tablet / 06. Galvanized Pail / 07. Dish Towel