Jan 28

A Heart Party

by Casey Baudoin

A heart party is a great idea for this time of year… for your little girl, bride, baby shower, or Valentine’s Day.  The possibilities are endless!  String up some heart garland, add some heart balloons, guests can wear heart headbands, and let’s not forget that cake!

A Heart Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. garland  2. wrapping paper  3. floating hearts  4. balloons  5. headband  6. pencils  7. forks  8. ice cubes  9. cards  10. cake


Jan 8

A Circus Wedding

by Casey Baudoin

A circus wedding?  Yes!  Your wedding day will be one of the best days you will experience, so why not make it extra fun for you and your guests, with a circus theme?  You can put as much or as little circus you want into it.  I would go the less is more route, with big colorful balloons, peanuts for guests, brightly frosted cakes in different sizes, and of course, the tent to bring it all together.

A Circus Wedding | Oh Happy Day!

1. balloons 2. table cards 3. circus tent 4. peanut bags 5. tickets 6. cake

Dec 23

A New Years Eve Party

by Casey Baudoin

Whether you go out or stay in for New Years Eve, you can have a good time!  Just add some festive drinks, party hats, a pinata, and lots of glitter and gold, and you are set for a good time!


1. drinks 2. pinata 3. card 4. eyelashes 5. party hat 6. swizzle sticks

Dec 17

A Christmas Dinner Party

by Casey Baudoin

Dinner parties during the holidays can be so fun!  The party style can go so many different ways.  I love bringing foliage, greens, and neutrals together to create a warm, winter feel.  It can even be as easy as collecting greenery from your back yard, and creating that perfect wreath and centerpiece.

A Christmas Dinner Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. holiday wreath 2. pillow 3. dinner 4. candle sticks 5. garland


Dec 3

Decking the Halls

by Casey Baudoin

One of my favorite evenings in December, is when all the family gathers together to trim the tree.  We play Christmas music, or watch our favorite Christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, and we usually try out some new holiday recipe in the kitchen.  Beginning traditions, like an Advent calendar, and starting those Christmas cards, make it a great family night, creating memories!


1. stocking  2. baking  3. mug  4. music  5. advent calendar  6. card