Apr 30

A Mother’s Day Brunch

by Casey Baudoin

This Mother’s Day, gather all your loved ones to celebrate with a brunch, filled with pops of orange, yellow, and flowers.  Have everyone bring their favorite dish their Mother taught them, to share!

A Mother's Day Brunch | Oh Happy Day!

1. paper lanterns  2. floral  bracelet  3. cake  4. flower wall  5. mother’s day card  6. utensils  7. pitcher


Apr 15

A Donut Party

by Casey Baudoin

Have an early morning birthday party, with colorful donuts as the centerpiece!  Confetti, striped straws, a tassel pin for the birthday girl (or boy!), and don’t forget milk!

A Donut Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. tassel pin  2. colorful donuts  3. push pop confetti  4. milk  5. straws  6. donut balloons  7. matches  8. pink donuts

Apr 3

A Craft Party

by Casey Baudoin

Crafting and making has always been one of my favorite things to do, and it is even better when you do it with friends.  Throw an easy craft party, with festive headbands for everyone to wear, refreshments, and a good stash of craft supplies to get the creativity flowing!

A Craft Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. headband  2. ice bucket  3. scissors  4. drink station  5. craft bags  6. twine  7. girls night  8. mini clothes pins  9. felt

Mar 18

A Spring Shower

by Casey Baudoin

This time of year is just begging for an outdoor get together… How about a baby or wedding shower, with pops of orange and yellow, and flowers throughout to help bring the whole look together!

A Spring Shower | Oh Happy Day!

1. flowers  2. invitation  3. party streamers  4. berry boxes  5. party bags  6. serving bottle  7. cake  8. confetti garland

Mar 4

A Camera Party

by Casey Baudoin

A camera party would be fun for your photographer friend, a 50th anniversary (all those memorable photos!) or even a 1st birthday party.  Stick to one style of camera, or mix it up with vintage, digital, and photo booths!

A Camera Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. photo display  2. garland  3. wood camera  4. instagram hashtag card  5. camera temporary tattoo  6. goodie bag  7. camera cookies  8. photo booth