Feb 4

Calligraphy Night Recap

We had such a great time last week at the Calligraphy Craft Night sponsored by Bing. We asked Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls to come teach us some basic calligraphy techniques. It was so great to meet all these new people and to learn calligraphy. Maybelle does such an incredible job branding everything so all her calligraphy supplies she prepared were gorgeous. Her and her husband made custom wooden ink holders and bottles of ink for each student. (PS: Maybelle teaches classes at Makeshift Society if you didn’t get to attend.)

Baggu sent over these wonderful reusable bags. They come in a ton of sizes and patterns. I bought my first Baggu five years ago and it is still in perfect condition after a ton of use.

For food this time we asked our friend Andrea Pimental to come up with a treat for attendees. She made these amazing Key Lime Pot de Creme packaged in little weck jars. And then she made the most adorable gingerbread spoons to eat it with. They were as cute as they were delicious.

Maybelle made this calligraphy guide with the steps for making the letters and Paul letterpressed them.

Bird and Feather sent each attendee these air plants in these awesome dip-dyed containers. They come in amazing colors and make the best gifts.

The lovely Sycamore Street Press sent over these letterpressed French art prints: Des Patisseries + Mais Oui!

And our friends at Divine Twine sent everyone a lovely spool of aqua twine.

All photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

A special thanks to Bing for sponsoring this great night and thanks to all the sponsors that helped us make such great gift bags.


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