Apr 13

Spain, Portugal, Morocco Part 3

Here is the last of our vacation photos from our two week trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Today I’m sharing pictures from Sevilla, Arcos, Tarifa, and Tangier. Sevilla was magical. Orange trees everywhere and just a really pretty city in general. We loved our hotel there. We spent an extra day there doing laundry and just relaxing. After that we went to Arcos de la Frontera which was one of my favorite places ever. It is a very small town on top of a mountain. Our room had the most amazing view ever and a deck to sit on. It was gorgeous. Tarifa was next which was our crashing place for our day trip across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier.

Click through for more details and to see our Morocco pictures.

It was only 35 minutes by ferry to get to Morocco. We got a guide recommended by Rick Steves and had a great day. I felt really safe the whole time and no one bothered us at all. (I recommend getting a private guide, they aren’t expensive and everyone left us alone.) The guide picked us up from the Ferry with a van and took us all over the city. I would love to explore Morocco more but it was a great day trip and I even had time to buy some beautiful vintage rugs. From there we stopped at the Rock of Gibraltar just because were curious but it was a little bit random and definitely not worth the traffic and wait to get in. We didn’t have time to go up the mountain which is apparently the thing to do. We had to be at the airport the next afternoon so we decided to make the long drive all the way to Toledo that day and then we spent the morning back in Madrid before catching our flight to Paris. And that’s it! (If you are still reading, sorry this post was so long.)




  • Maria says:

    I hate you, I hate you! But only in the jealous way. I traveled throughout Europe in my early 20’s so when I see your photos I long for those days. Thank you for sharing your amazing travels, You prove that it is possible to travel with little ones.

  • Joan says:

    Suddenly, I’m desperate for a trip to Morocco! Your pictures are fantastic. I’d love to have the names of your hotels and your guide.

  • anjie joon says:

    incredible photos, incredible trip! thanks for letting me live vicariously!

  • Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing the photos, I have itchy feet now too.
    Andalucia is beautiful – I did a road trip from Granada to Seville through the ‘white villages’, but only had a day and a half in Seville – I’d love to spend more time there. Have you stayed in any of the Spanish Paradores ? State subsidised hotels in beautiful / historic locations.

    (Also, your travelling with kids inspires me — we’ve managed the Eurostar from London to Paris so far, but are venturing to Sicily in a couple of weeks with the 5 month old! eep.)

  • Angela Ewell says:

    Lovely pictures! Toledo was one of my favorite spots we visited in Spain. Did you get to spend much time there? I just remember thinking it was so picturesque.

  • I know exactly where you are standing in that picture of Tarifa. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, and your boys are going to have some awesome pictures to look at when they get older.

  • Veronica says:

    Hello from Uruguay. I started following your blog recently, love your posts and love hearing about your life in Paris. Could you tell us the name of the hotels you stayed at in Sevilla and Arcos?

  • Liz says:

    Me, my husband and my blogger friend Nicole were in Seville at the same time as you and your fam (well, for a day!). She said she saw you guys on a horse and carriage ride – how cute! I was so surprised by Seville’s beauty. I hadn’t heard much about it, but it was absolutely incredible!! Loved seeing it through your eyes :)

  • Aw, Sevilla. I studied there for a semester in college, and just loved everything about that city. And I am so, so jealous of your churros con chocolate. They just don’t do them right in the US ;)

  • Tangier looks amazing. I feel so inspired by your shots.

  • Sarah says:

    Wow amazing. I’ve never really had a big interest in visiting this part of the world, but you’ve totally changed my view of it. I’d LOVE a trip like this =)

    – Sarah

  • Carina says:

    This is like stepping back in time for me. Following our first year together living in the Algarve and watching many sunsets at the Cabo de São Vicente, my husband and I spent many weekends in Seville and it was there we made some of our best life changing decisions. It is so special to us that we may go there to retire and grow old. Next time you should add Gibraltar to the agenda – such a beautiful place.

  • Freya says:

    What an amazing experience! What brought you to this part of the world?? (I’m a new reader!) how lucky!

  • This is my dream trip! I’ve always wanted to see Spain, Portugal and Morocco! I’ve absolutely loved your posts about your trip. Stunning photos! They’ve inspired me to start planning a trip for next April (I hope!) :)

  • Breathtaking! Everyone!!

  • *meant to say *every one* (of your pictures) :)

  • Kelleyn says:

    So amazing! You are so blessed to have had this opportunity. Morrocco is just so beautiful. I hope to go their some day.

  • Amy P says:

    I’m glad the post was long – those photos are gorgeous! Now I’m wishing I spent more time in Spain when I was in Europe a few years ago. Apparently I missed out on a lot!

  • Fun to look at. My husband and I visited many of these same places when we were in Europe years ago. We had an amazing time for 3 months and did a couple of working stints through Help Exchange (like WOOF, but not just farming). We worked for food and lodging and had plenty of time to travel. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to see Europe (or any other part of the world) on a shoestring budget, with or without kids.

  • Stephanie says:

    Surreal. You always find great places to stay Jordan…that hotel looks charming.

  • Oh, those pics are gorgeous! That hotel in Seville looks wonderful!

  • Anna says:

    What is the name of the hotel in seville ! I’m going to do a trip in spain too I would love to go to this hotel because it sounds beautiful ! =)

  • Alicia says:

    such a pitty I started following your blog just recently. I’m from Seville and would love to show you the magican hidden spots of the city. Maybe next time ;) I’m happy you enjoyed it.

  • Elena says:

    I’m glad you liked my city (Seville) and my region (Andalousie). Thanks for posting such amazing pictures :)

  • brooke says:

    i absoultely love all your pictures. we will be traveling to spain and france in april next year (2013) and i will definitely be referencing your blog to help me plan. so lovely!

  • This looks like an absolute dream. You’re an inspiration!

  • Emily says:

    Looks lovely! I hope to make it to Morocco one day. :) PS the hike up Gibraltar was longer than I thought.

  • cori says:

    ah it looks like such a wonderful trip! arcos de la frontera is my absolute favorite city to visit in spain! its just so beautiful and peaceful. i hope you had fun!

  • look see says:

    Sigh. Those photos. Beautiful! :)

  • What a stunning holiday! Thank you for sharing with us! Such happy times…

  • Steph says:

    Aziz is the best. Love that guy.

  • Beautiful photos. Amazing how many places you visited!

    Morocco is still one of my favorite places to visit. So warm and colourful and the people so welcoming and friendly. And the markets are incredibile! I just never could get into the whole bargaining thing though.

  • Kless says:

    So beautiful, Breathtakingly so!

  • Hi Jordan,
    I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while now, but first time writing a comment. I adore your blog and jealous of your move to Paris. I’ve been to Paris twice and missed it. However, I love this series of your trip to spain, portugal and morocco.

  • Sally says:


    For the Tangier photo of the tower overlooking the sea – was that the Mediterranean meeting the Atlantic Ocean (a short drive from Tangier)?

  • Thyara says:

    amazing places!

  • Yovika says:

    i love it !!! we are also planing to visit Sevilla this year,. What is the name of the hotel in Sevilla?

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