Dec 16

Watercolor + Letterpress Christmas Cards

For our Christmas cards this year I did a letterpress and watercolor combo. I did a big watercolor wash across each paper and envelope by hand so each one is different. I used two different reds on the same brush to create an ombre effect. Then each sheet was letterpressed on my Vandercook letterpress using a silver metallic ink. They were then cut down, folded, and finally I mounted a family photo (we took in our back yard) on each one.


  • Amma Brown says:

    You just put my cards to shame. Nicely done.

    ps. my word veridication is glodds… what?!

  • ashley says:

    these are stunning! Next year we are definitely sending cards and i hope they will look even a tiny bit as fabulous!

  • Alice Q. Foodie says:

    Those are beautiful Jordan!

  • Punctuation Mark says:

    i love this idea! have a nice sunday!

  • Veeda says:

    we loved your card. and your beautiful family.

  • judith ann says:

    these are so amazing and creative! i am officially a new fan! :)

  • [ink*lemonade] says:

    these cards are beautiful!

  • Honora says:

    Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE these. You are so talented!

  • Anneliese says:

    I adore letterpress! Do you have your very own press? If so, where do you keep it? Do you use movable type or have plates made? (I am new to your blog via DesignMom…) I have taken a couple classes and would love to land a press in my basement. As it is I hire out. just did my third letterpress birth announcement ( but I would love to od my own. Gorgeous gorgeous card! I was thinking next year I want to do somethign more hand made and attach a photo rather than the ubiquitous photo card. Merry Christmas.

  • Courtney says:

    I love seeing more people using watercolors! So beautiful, Jordan.

  • laura @ hollywood housewife says:

    These are so gorgeous! I do my Christmas cards by hand, too, so I love finding new inspiration.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was googling this effect and came across your blog. What kind of paper did you use? I have some leftover Lettra…do you think that would work with watercolors?

    Thank you! Beautiful stuff!

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